5 Best Neighborhoods in Palm Beach, FL

January 09th, 2023

5 Best Neighborhoods in Palm Beach, FL

Best Places to Live in Palm Beach 

If you are moving to Palm Beach, consider calling one of these five great neighborhoods in Palm Beach, FL home! 

Palm Beach is a South Florida town separated from the mainland by Lake Worth Lagoon across from West Palm Beach. Known for its beach house estates, luxury brand stores & art galleries lined along Worth Avenue, waterfront golf courses, museums, and beautiful parks, Palm Beach is a picture-perfect place to live. 

With weather never dropping below 40 degrees throughout the year and only being a short drive from some of the biggest cities in the state of Florida, this small Island is an oasis on its own for people to be able to escape the craze of the city while still being close to all the amenities and attractions you could ever need. 

Palm Beach during the day skyline buildings near water

Palm Beach used to be a location for many hotels, resorts, and vacation homes after the opening of the Coconut Grove House in 1880 to accommodate tourists. Once the word went out about this oasis and the railroad expanded, everyone wanted to escape and relax on the Island during the harsh winter months or take a trip to ease their thoughts. 

Now, as one of the best places to live in Florida, Palm Beach has 9,251 residents living there permanently or during most of the year, amongst the hotels and resorts still accommodating the almost one million tourists visiting each year. But, with such high demand for housing with few homes available, the cost of living in Palm Beach has become quite expensive. 

Before moving to Palm Beach, please read below to learn more about each area of the Island and what it offers. Although the Island has the same zip code, causing no definite neighborhoods, each community still has different attractions, home styles, stores, restaurants, landscapes, and geography. 

Check out these top places to live in Palm Beach!

Downtown Palm Beach

Living downtown Palm Beach provides you with the convenience of being close to the Royal Palm Way, which will bring you directly across the water to living in West Palm Beach and some of the top restaurants, art galleries, beaches, and attractions. Some people travel from other spots in Florida to shop here with one of the best selections of luxury brands, designer, and boutique shops near one another. 

Many of the homes here are apartments right off of Worth Avenue itself, in the shopping district's heart or a nice mix of large historic and contemporary homes with stunning white exteriors and front lawns covered in palm trees. 

The downtown neighborhood is the most populated during tourist season, causing it to be a lively but sometimes loud area to reside. If you want to be in the heart of it all and have easy access to some of the best shops and eateries while only being steps away from the ocean, this is the neighborhood for you. 

Clocktower in Palm Beach near palm trees

Check out some of the downtown favorites below! 

Local Favorites 

  • Worth Avenue-This road stretching from one side of the Island to the other is one of the most visited areas in all of Palm Beach. With some of the best restaurants, luxury retail stores, art galleries, and close to the public beach, this is a bustling area full of tourists and locals year-round. 
  • Municipal Beach-Just a short stroll away from Worth Avenue, this public beach is the perfect place to relax, swim with the waves, or play beach games. Well-kept and clean, this is a stunning beach in the downtown area of Palm Beach. 
  • The Society of the Four Arts-Looking to emerge in the art scene? Look no further; this beautiful spot houses an art gallery, auditorium, library, and botanical sculpture garden. Look out for the multiple events held throughout the year and featuring art from all mediums. A great way to escape for a bit and be inspired! 
  • Worth Avenue Clock Tower-A iconic landmark that is viewed as a symbol for the Island, this clock tower stands at the end of Worth Avenue with its backdrop being the Atlantic ocean. Standing tall as a landmark of the Palm Beach Pier that was destroyed in 1930 by a hurricane, this tower is now a symbol of the strength of the community and a wonderful backdrop to many photos and picnics. 

North Shore 

Manatee swimming in clear blue water

The North Shore area is above the Country Club park to the Palm Beach Inlet. This northern part of the Island primarily comprises housing communities and beach access points for the people living here, making it a very quiet and safe area.

Directly across the water from Pinewood park, the homes in this area are typically large estates with pools, lawns, backyards, and up to five bedrooms. Although you can find smaller options to fit your budget better, many individuals looking to live in this semi-private area want their own vacation home but more full-time. Many homes are also sectioned into communities, offering private beach accesses and amenities such as tennis courts, clubs, gyms, and more. 

If you want to live in your own private oasis but still be close to all the action, this area is perfect for you. 

Local Favorites 

  • Angler Ave Public Beach Access-Find yourself at a very private beach right off the road! Parking can be found on nearby streets, and on some days, you might even find yourself alone. A beautiful area to spend some time relaxing or taking a stroll on the water. 
  • Palm Beach Inlet-This body of water, sometimes known as the Lake Worth Inlet, separates Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores. A great area to take out your boat, fish, jet ski, or enjoy a picnic with stunning views. 
  • North Lake Trail- The perfect place to exercise with a view! This trail stretches along the island's west side for five miles and features some spectacular views. 

Beach Club 

Palm Beach housing near the beach and beautiful blue water

Want to be a part of a community? Well, living in the Beach Club area offers you just that! 

This northern area of Palm Beach, right above the downtown area, offers the convenience of being close to everything but also being its own community full of activities and housing neighborhoods. The houses here are large in size, typically 3-5 bedrooms with designer finishes but maintaining the historic beach estate feel with white exteriors and palm trees mixed within the landscaping. 

Being part of the country club in this neighborhood also provides access to a golf course, tennis courts, lap pools, croquet courts, and more. If you are looking for a more private area but want a sense of community and access to private clubs, this is the area for you. 

Check out some of the Beach Club favorites below! 

Local Favorites 

  • Palm Beach Country Club-This country club takes up 83 acres of land from Lake Worth in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Featuring a golf course, tennis and croquet courts, a clubhouse, and more. 
  • Meat Market Steakhouse-A upscale steakhouse featuring contemporary dishes inside a warm interior with bubble-like lights hanging from the ceiling and natural light seeping through the large windows. With the best fresh-caught seafood, fresh-cut meats, and hand-crafted cocktails around, this is a must-visit! 
  • Dunbar Rd Public Beach Access-The perfect place to enjoy some water activities! From staying on the sand and playing beach volleyball, soccer, and more to catching the waves with surfing or sailing, this is a great beach access that everyone can enjoy. 

South Shore 

woman paddle-boarding in calm water during sunset

The South Shore area is directly below the downtown area all the way down to Phipps Ocean park. This area of the island is fairly spread out, with S Ocean Blvd being the main road connecting the southern part of the island to downtown. 

The housing options in this area are a mix of condos, apartments, and some of the finest estates, up to 5 bedrooms, complete with large backyards, pools, and lavish landscapes. Close to one of the most exclusive clubs Mar-a-Lago, featuring stunning private beaches, a golf course, 6-championship tennis courts, etc., as well as upscale private events year-round, this area attracts some of the highest socialites in the country. 

If you want to live amongst some of the wealthiest and posh individuals while enjoying the best amenities and events, this area is for you. 

Check out some of the South Shore favorites below! 

Local Favorites 

  • Mar-a-Lago Club-This resort and national landmark is owned by Trump, offering the most up-scale amenities around. From only the best dining options to oceanfront swimming pools, a waterfront golf course, six championship tennis courts, state of the art fitness center, and a large ballroom, this is nothing short of one of the most elite clubs around. 
  • Bingham Island Audubon Preserve-This natural preserve is a small island located in the Lake Worth Lagoon where wild herons, egrets, trees, tropical plants, and pelicans have made their home for years. A beautiful area to birdwatch and be one with nature; people paddleboard, kayak, fish, and layout enjoying the peace and quiet as well as seeing natural wildlife up close. 
  • Phipps Ocean Park-A park and beach in one! This spot is a wonderful spot to lay out and relax, have a BBQ, snorkel, or just walk along the waves. 

Lake Worth 

Golfer with club playing golf on a beautiful day

The Lake Worth community, located in the southern part of Palm Beach and surrounding Lake Worth Beach Park, is home to many condos, apartments, hotels, and homes. Close to one of the most popular waterfront golf courses and beach parks, this area is swarming with golf enthusiasts during the tourist season but otherwise quiet and calm. 

Homes here range in price, and many of the waterfront properties are rentals that the owner is not living in most of the year. But there are also many smaller options, such as apartment complexes and condominiums as well in this area.

So, this is a fantastic place to live if you want to be close to beautiful parkland, ocean water, and a world-known golf course, all while being in a safe and calm environment. 

Check out some of the local favorites in this area below! 

Local Favorites 

  • Lake Worth Beach Park-A large beach with one of the best piers on the island. Close to a few shops and restaurants, many residents enjoy running or walking on the beach and watching the sunrise or sunset on the pier. 
  • Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course-This, beautiful 18-hole course with water hazards, sand bunkers, a driving range, a restaurant, and stunning waterfront views, is any golf enthusiast's dream. Considered one of the best par-3 courses in the nation, this is a must-visit golf course. 
  • Benny's On The Beach-Feel like you are on vacation in your own neighborhood! This all-American restaurant offers breakfast and lunch with ocean views and a casual environment but mouthwatering food. 

Best Neighborhoods in Palm Beach, FL-Final Thoughts 

Palm Beach, FL, is a great place to live if you can afford the homes and overall cost of living here. With world-known golf courses, award-winning beaches, top-rated schools, diverse dining options, and upscale shopping, there is something for anyone and everyone. If you want to live in your own full-time resort year-round while having a vibrant and close-knit community around you, Palm Beach is for you. 

After reading more about each neighborhood and what each one has to offer, you can now decide which one fits you and your wants/needs best! When you are ready to make a move to your new home in the perfect neighborhood, make sure to contact us so we can connect you with one of our Realty Specialists. We are here to help you find your new dream home in Palm Beach, FL! 

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