5 Best Neighborhoods in Hoboken, NJ

November 28th, 2022

5 Best Neighborhoods in Hoboken, NJ

Best Places to Live in Hoboken

If you are moving to Hoboken, NJ, you need to consider moving to one of these five best neighborhoods in Hoboken!

This New Jersey city is right along the Hudson River, with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and a bustling downtown area. Nicknamed the "Mile Square City," Hoboken only covers 1.25 sq miles of land but has a population of 58,690 residents providing a very urban feel with many restaurants, cafes, bars, parks, and things to do and see!

Hoboken, NJ waterfront and city street

Hoboken is a beautiful small town best known as baseball's birthplace, the creation of the zipper, and the home of Frank Sinatra. With a rich history, top-rated amenities, and tons to offer its residents, Hoboken is a sought-after city in New Jersey. The waterfront area that was formally an industrial port has now turned into an expansive waterfront greenway with lush green parks hosting stunning views and recreational areas. At the same time, the downtown area has international eateries, restaurants, and bars covering Washington Street and Frank Sinatra Drive.

Being one of the best places to live in New Jersey, this city is littered with exciting things to do and see while being only a short commute to other areas such as New York City. With access to the waterfront, downtown, or more suburban housing options, there is bound to be an area for you! Check out some of the top neighborhoods to live in Hoboken below and find out what each has to offer and fits you best.

Check out these top five places to live in Hoboken, NJ!

The Waterfront

Walkway on the waterfront in Hoboken, NJ

Stretched along the Hudson River, the waterfront area provides you with some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline you could ever ask for and easy access to attractions, parks, eateries, public transportation, and the expansive Greenway. Due to its stunning views and easy access to other cities through public transport, this area has attracted a much younger and more diverse crowd in recent years. But families, retirees, and young professionals all still live here together. The site continues to grow and change, with new restaurants and bars popping up and the newly finished walking paths and greenways stretching to Weehawken!

This area has diverse housing options, from towering apartment complexes to upscale condos. Many individuals and families choose to rent in the waterfront area, but some choose to own their homes. The median home value along the waterfront area is around $1 million, and the average household income is about $170,000. The waterfront area is surrounded by green parks and attractions, making it a hot spot for many who want outdoor spaces to relax or enjoy recreational activities.

Check out some of the local favorites in the Waterfront area below!

Local Favorites:

  • Pier A Park - This stunning waterfront park is a great area to relax on the great lawn, take photos near the fountain or gazebo, go fishing in the Hudson, or walk along the pier with the landscape of Manhattan peering above the water.
  • Sinatra Park - Named after the star born here, this park has a lot to offer, with a statue of Sinatra himself located within its greenery. Enjoy kayaking, soccer, an outdoor amphitheater, lawn spaces, and more.
  • Newport Centre - First opened in 1987, this is still a big hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Located right off the water, you can enjoy three levels of shops, eateries, and great views.
  • Halifax - This restaurant inside the W Hotel features a sleek new design with farm-fresh dishes right along the waterfront.
  • House of Que - Enjoy some of the best BBQs in New Jersey at this Texas-inspired restaurant with country decor along the city waterfront.

Downtown/The Railhead District

Located right off of the Waterfront, Downtown Hoboken is a vibrant area to be and a fantastic place to live. Located mainly on Washington Street, there are many restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops to try while walking the wide sidewalks. With a large Italian population, there are many authentic Italian restaurants and cafes and Cuban, American, French, and Asian cuisines. Living downtown also provides easy access to public transit options making it easy to commute to other parts of New Jersey or New York City, making it an excellent area for commuters looking for an exciting city feel with lower cost.

Downtown Hoboken is also known as the party town of Hudson County, with its streets staying lit late into the night and a variety of nightlife options, from Irish pubs and dive bars to modern gastropubs and nightclubs with DJs. Due to the streets not quieting until late night hours, many young professionals and students choose to live here in the many apartments/homes.

Who wouldn't want to live within walking distance of the waterfront and in the city's heart? Due to the demand and convenience of this area, the median home value is around $850k, making it cheaper than the waterfront area but still expensive compared to other places. Check out some of the local favorite spots to check out in downtown Hoboken below!

Local Favorites:

  • La Isla - This cozy Cuban restaurant serves classic dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fun BYO policy.
  • Anthony Davids - A upscale and creative Italian BYO spot serving dinner and brunch in a charming building downtown.
  • Hoboken Waterfront - A trendy spot for tourists to take photos with the Manhattan skyline as their background or for locals to hop on the greenway or escape the chaos of downtown on the lawn spaces.
  • Carlo's Bakery - As seen on the show "Cake Boss," this bakery is owned and run by Buddy Valastro and is known for its variety of cakes, cookies, cannolis, and other baked goods.

Columbus Park

Located near beautiful Columbus Park, this area provides residents with a dense urban feel, with more people packed within the neighborhood than 98% of the nation's communities. With easy access to public transportation, parks, and many restaurants, shops, and bars, it has everything you could ever need. Just inland of the waterfront in the northern part of Hoboken, this is an excellent area for families and young professionals wanting the city lifestyle within a quieter neighborhood.

The median home value in the Columbus park area is around $923k, with most homes being apartment complexes or small townhomes. Unlike many other neighborhoods, this area doesn't have many family-sized homes but instead towering buildings of studios and multi-room apartments.

With so many people concentrated in one area, it is convenient to have such a prominent outdoor and serene place to escape to, such as Columbus Park, but that isn't the only thing this neighborhood has to offer. Check out some of the local favorites in this neighborhood below!

Brick oven with pizza cooking

Local Favorites:

  • Columbus Park - This large park is known for its historical sculpture of Christopher Columbus in front of a 100-year-old gazebo with a sunken garden. The park also holds many sports courts, playgrounds, and a large stadium connected to it.
  • 10th and Willow Bar & Grill - A neighborhood favorite with its casual atmosphere and great drinks paired with elevated gastro-pub food.
  • Tenth Street Pasta & Pizza - Curl up with great pizza and pasta! With its upscale atmosphere and BYO service, this is a great place to relax and enjoy great food and company.
  • Dolce & Salato - This neighborhood Italian cafe serves coffee, breakfast, lunch, and mouthwatering pastries.

City Center

Located in Southeast Hoboken, this area is known for its high-income population and densely populated neighborhood with an urban feel, with many restaurants, bars, and Church Square Park. The homes in this neighborhood also have a historic look, with most built in 1940 and 1969 and maintaining their exterior, making the area more characteristic. Many young and older professionals alike live here as well as students and retirees with easy access to things and being just west of the Stevens Institute of Technology.

The median home value in City Center is around $819k, with most homes being apartment complexes, highrises, and tiny family houses. City Center has a more posh feeling to not only the shops and eateries around it but also the people. Although there is excellent access to public transportation here, most people choose to own their vehicles, and it is not rare to see many luxury brands driving the neighborhood streets.

Check out some of the local favorites to do and try in City Center!

stack of books in a bookstore

Local Favorites:

  • Church Square Park - This local park is a great way to spend your day! Whether you want to try your game on the basketball courts or let the whole family enjoy the playgrounds and dog run space, there is something to enjoy for everyone.
  • Moran's Pub - A snug Irish pub inside a dark wooden interior serving draft beers and pub fare.
  • Grimaldi's Pizzeria - Although it is a chain, this pizzeria is still a local favorite to enjoy some excellent brick oven pizza!
  • Symposia Community Bookstore - This cute non-profit bookstore with public wifi has a large selection of used books, classes, and events that occur year-round.

Northwest Hoboken

Located just North of Columbus Park, Northwest Hoboken's neighborhood is an excellent place for families and young professionals who want the urban lifestyle but don't need to be near the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. If you love the arts and enjoy outdoor theatre performances, local boutiques, and fine dining, this neighborhood fits you. With local public schools located within this neighborhood and beautiful parks, this is a great area to raise a family but still be near large cities.

The median home value in Northwest Hoboken is around $753k, with the neighborhood's income remaining very high, with only 4.7% of other American areas being wealthier. Although there are accessible public schools nearby, many children here get sent to private preparatory schools for higher-quality education. But, an excellent mix of college students, young working professionals, and more living here enjoy the park's green spaces and local cafes and eateries. Check out some of the local favorites in Northwest Hoboken below!

Pouring a cocktail drink in a glass with ice

Local Favorites:

  • Northwest Popup Park - This park will be built by transforming asphalt into Hoboken's largest park with recreational spaces, sports courts, a garden, an ice rink, Pavillion, an outdoor stage, and a great lawn. Built by part of the Northwest Resiliency, it is currently closed for construction but should hopefully be done soon; a fantastic addition to this neighborhood.
  • Barbes - This small French and North African spot captivates you into feeling like you escaped Hoboken and were transported to Barbes, Paris. With fantastic food and drinks, this intimate spot is a great place for a date or dinner.
  • Stingray Lounge - A very posh cocktail lounge with a mix of classic and contemporary cocktails served inside a stylish bar. If you are hungry, you can pair your cocktail with oysters, and other raw-bar fares are also offered.
  • The Hive - A local coffee shop curates community through its welcoming atmosphere, warm or iced drinks, and delicious baked goods.

Best Neighborhoods in Hoboken, NJ-Final Thoughts

Hoboken is a beautiful place to live with the vibrancy of a big city but the comfortability of knowing your neighbors. With spectacular views over the water and so many world-class restaurants, bars, cafes, and parks, there is always something to inspire your day.

If you or anyone you may know is thinking about moving to New Jersey and want to make Hoboken home, make sure to contact us here so that we can connect you with one of our Reality Specialists and help you find your new home. Whether you want to live on the water with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline or right in the action of Downtown, our specialists can help you find the perfect fit.

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