7 Best Neighborhoods in Coral Gables, FL

February 01st, 2023

7 Best Neighborhoods in Coral Gables, FL

Best Places to Live in Coral Gables

If you are moving to Coral Gables, FL, you must consider living in one of these seven great neighborhoods in Coral Gables! 

Coral Gables has become a popular place to move to because it is a luxurious suburb of Miami. The population of this town is roughly 50,000 residents and keeps growing. Coral Gables is known for its luxury housing and stunning architecture throughout the city.

It was founded in the 1920s by George Merrick. The entire time Merrick was planning the development of this city, his sole focus was on the Mediterranean style of all plazas, parks, fountains, and homes! Coral Gables is lined with the most beautiful trees; they have ivy-covered mansions and some of the most historical landmarks, such as the famous Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool.

Living in Coral Gables will allow you access to these charming locations and much more. Coral Gables is home to some of the best restaurants, shopping centers, parks, and more! All of these top-rated attractions attract plenty of new residents to the area. 

A critical factor in moving to a new town is finding a neighborhood that best suits your needs. Coral Gables is a luxurious development with some of the most impressive homes. Let's take a look at some of these neighborhoods!

Coral Gables, FL skyline on a sunny day

Here are seven of the best neighborhoods in Coral Gables!

Coconut Grove

This neighborhood is a highly sought subdivision when people are looking to move to the Coral Gables area. Coconut Grove is just east of Coral Gables, has beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere, and is near Biscayne Bay. Coconut Grove is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the area and is sometimes referred to as "The Grove" by the locals.

If you are looking to move to a naturistic neighborhood that is nearby shops, boutiques, and top-notch restaurants, then Coconut Grove is the place for you! Residents living in Coconut Grove rave about this extraordinary village because it feels very private but is only minutes from the energetic streets of Miami.

Local Favorites:

  • Barnacle Historic State Park: This park is named after the beautiful home built in 1891 and is referred to as the Barnicle. This home was home to the neighborhood's most influential pioneers. Here you will find all the original trees, two replicas of his sailboats, and the Flying Proa. This park is an excellent destination for those who want to enjoy a nice picnic, a walk with fantastic scenery, or even watch the sailboats go by on the bay, and so much more! 
  • Kampong Tropical Garden: Located in Coconut Grove, this garden offers a fascinating array of tropical fruit cultivators and flowering trees. The Kampong is the former estate of Dr. Fairchild, the famous botanical explorer. Fairchild traveled throughout Southeast Asia and other tropical regions collecting exotic plants to bring back to America. This place is a must-see! 
  • Cocowalk: Cocowalk is a unique urban village in the center of Coconut Grove. This mall is home to various retail stores, leisures, and businesses. Cocowalk is designed to discover, explore, and even make new things. This destination is perfect for a day full of shopping, hanging out, or enjoying the scenery.
  • Dinner Key Marina: Dinner Key Marina is a marina located in the historic Coconut Grove and is Florida's largest wet slip marina. This marina is perfect for a day full of boating or enjoying watching other boats go by.

Gables Estates

gated community florida palm trees

Gables Estates is a gated community in the southernmost part of Coral Gables. This neighborhood has just under two hundred mansions along the waterways connecting Biscayne Bay. On your front lawn, you can have direct access to the open waters and insane bay views.

This neighborhood is home to business executives, high-profile attorneys, and celebrities. Because of the history of this neighborhood and who its residents are, the HOA enforces strict standards. Some of these standards are letters of recommendation, a $75,000 deposit, and that new homes built are at least 3,000 square feet. 

This neighborhood is so private that it has security that patrols throughout the community and entry gates that are protected by guards 24/7. Each home has tropical landscapes, expansive pools, private docks, and entertaining outdoor areas.

Local Favorites:

  • Merrick Park: Merrick Park is one of the most visited shopping malls in Coral Gables. This luxurious destination for shoppers welcomes you with upscale brands and beautiful streetscapes. Some popular establishments you can find here are Perry's Steakhouse, Yard House, Equinox, Alo Yoga, SoulCycle, and many more!
  • Pinecrest Gardens: A south Florida Cultural Art park that all the locals love! You will find entertainment, education, botanical gardens, art, and more! Pinecrest Gardens is also a popular venue where many weddings have been held. They also have daily events, so if you are interested in visiting Pinecrest Gardens check the schedule on their website.
  • Titanic Brewery and Restaurant: This restaurant has been a part of Coral Gables since 1997 and is located near the University of Miami. They have an extensive beer selection, a full bar, happy hour, dinner, and a late-night atmosphere. Titanic Brewery is also known as one of the top Live Music venues in South Florida.


Cocoplum is also another prevalent gated community in Coral Gables. This neighborhood is a waterfront subdivision home to 300 stunning mansions, Tuscan-inspired villas, and modern estates. This community continues to be home to wealthy and elite residents. 

Cocoplum is known for its amenities. They have a private marina, a yacht club, a fitness center, tennis courts, a community pool, playgrounds, and a community clubhouse. Living in this neighborhood grants access to all these things to enjoy every day! This neighborhood has so much to offer and is a perfect place to call home.

Local Favorites:

  • Ingraham Park: Ingraham Park is located in the heart of Coral Gables. It's perfect for a walk in the warm Florida weather or a picnic in the open grassy area covered by trees providing shade.
  • Lowe Art Museum: This museum was founded in February 1050 by the University of Miami. Today, the Lowe Art Museum consists of 19,250 objects representing more than 5,000 years of human creativity.

Hammock Oaks

Hammock Oaks is one of the more prominent gated communities in Coral Gables. This neighborhood has over 100 homes that are all entirely custom-built, displaying architectural designs ranging from mid-century, Mediterranean, European, and contemporary. About half of the homes in Hammock Oaks are located on the lake at the heart of the neighborhood. These homes provide private docks and easy access to the water.

Hammock Oaks gets its name from Matheson Hammock Park, located adjacent to the neighborhood. Matheson Hammock Park is a green space full of canopies of mangroves and palm trees. Living in this neighborhood allows you to enjoy privacy and nature while only being minutes away from Downtown Miami.

miracle mile downtown coral gables florida

Local Favorites:

  • Matheson Hammock Park: This lovely scenic park near Hammock Oaks. This park is unique because of its remarkable feature- an artificial atoll pool. This beach is a haven for families enjoying warm, safe waters and views. There are also 11 boat ramps, and it is a known prime spot for kiteboarding.
  • Miracle Mile: Miracle Mile is a premier destination for shopping, dining, and entertaining in Coral Gables. It is a four-block strip located in downtown Coral Gables that developers and investors branded after World War II. It is now a popular area of the city!
  • Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion: This pavilion is home to many fruit trees from around the world that are too delicate and cold-sensitive to grow outside in Florida. This pavilion is full of exotic fruits in a conservatory-like structure. You can visit this pavilion at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

Sunrise Harbour

Sunrise Harbour is a community in the southern part of Coral Gables. This neighborhood is smaller than most of the other neighborhoods in Coral Gables. It is home to just 80 unique houses that are on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay or the inlets of the Coral Gables Waterway, 

Sunrise Harbour is known for its incredible views. Whether you are getting a picture of the beautiful waterways, or the Miami skyline, the views will not disappoint you! Another plus about living in Sunrise Harbour is that it is gated to provide privacy.

In this neighborhood, you will find huge yards and large floorplans. Most of these homes are the original structure, but many have been remodeled inside to give them a more modern, mid-century feel. Even though the interior of most of these homes has been updated, all the houses still provide a Mediterranean atmosphere that the entire Coral Gables has. 

Biscayne bay coral gables florida

Local Favorites:

  • Sunrise Harbour Park: Sunrise Harbour Park is a popular park located within the Sunrise Harbour neighborhood. You can enjoy playgrounds, shaded sitting areas, trails, and more!
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas Historic Home: This historic landmark is a cottage home to the woman who defended the Everglades. Marjory held press conferences in the front yard of this cottage 70 years ago that helped save the Everglades and South Florida's environment! It has yet to be entirely open to the public, but the State Park is working on allowing visitation. 
  • Taco Craft: This unique restaurant is located in South Florida and many other locations. They have a menu full of tacos, fruit, and seafood. You can also enjoy a guacamole flight of their four kinds of guacamole! They have a variety of tacos, a raw bar, fajitas, and salads!

Gables By The Sea

Gables By The Sea is one of the oldest and most established neighborhoods in Coral Gables. This community is full of beautiful mature trees creating the most fantastic scenery and atmosphere as you explore the neighborhood.

Gables By The Sea consists of ranch-style and multi-level contemporary homes on large lots. The interior of these homes is unique and adds so much character and value to the home. These designs include vaulted ceilings, imported stone, marble flooring, and much more. Some of the houses even have elevators! 

The neighborhood gets its name, Gables By The Sea, because of the inlets throughout the subdivision. Many homes have waterfront backyards where they can enjoy a private dock and easy access to Biscayne Bay.

Local Favorites:

  • Aussie Pet Mobile: This pet service is top-rated all around America. Aussie Pet Mobile comes to you at your home to groom your pet. This is a well-trusted company that uses environmentally friendly products. Perfect for your pet!
  • Montgomery Botanical Center: This attraction was established in 1959 and became a local favorite soon after. The center's mission is to advance science, education, conservation, and horticultural knowledge of tropical plants in its 120-acre garden.
  • Gulliver Swim School: This swim school in Coral Gables allows children to learn how to swim or join the swim club! Check out this place if your family is interested in swim lessons or if you want to enhance your skills. 

King's Bay

King's Bay is located in the southernmost part of Coral Gables and is known for its tropical haven featuring luxurious homes and mansions. This gated community is protected and maintained 24/7 to give its residents a safe environment. The homes in King's Bay neighborhood are more modest-mid-century and ranch-style homes. 

Many of King's Bay's homes have water access and private docks located directly in their backyards. King's Bay also has a private marina that is available to the residents that live there. Living in King's Bay gives you a sense of resort-style living.

home in coral gables florida palm trees mediterranean style

Local Favorites:

  • Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill: This is hands down very much a local neighborhood spot. They are open for lunch until 1 am! This establishment is famous for its family and friend atmosphere and delicious food!
  • Coral Reef Park: This is a 50-acre park with a ton of green space, pinelands preserve areas and a streaming canal. They also have a beach volleyball court, tennis court, and a baseball field! This park is located right around the corner from King's Bay.
  • Deering Estate: This estate is full of some of the oldest homes in the area. They have the Stone House, Richmond Cottage, and Deering Estate. This a well-known historic landmark in the area that locals love to visit and learn about the history behind the buildings and how important Charles Deering was to the creation of Southern Florida.

Best Areas to Live in Coral Gables - Final Thoughts

Coral Gables is a unique city that is just minutes from downtown Miami. However, Coral Gables has an entirely different environment and atmosphere than its neighboring cities. The founders and developers of the town worked hard to make sure the community had specific characteristics that would allow it to stand out from the other cities. 

Coral Gables is not called the "City of Beautiful" for nothing! It is a beautiful area full of beautiful homes and neighborhoods. There are so many great neighborhoods within Coral Gables city limits, so don't limit yourself! They all share the same Mediterranean feel (as does the entire town), but each neighborhood offers different views, sizes, parks, amenities, and more. 

When looking to move and purchase a home, it is essential to explore your options to see what is out there and available to you. Contact us if you want to connect with a real estate professional to help you navigate the buying and selling process! 

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