7 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Melbourne, FL

February 20th, 2023

7 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Melbourne, FL

Living in Melbourne 

Are you moving to Melbourne, FL? Make sure you know these seven things before living in Melbourne! 

Melbourne is a city located in central Florida, southeast of Orlando, with the Indian River bordering its east side. With 85,064 residents, it is a fairly large city known for its vibrant arts district, family-friendly beaches, charming downtown, and affordable housing. 

The economy of this city relies heavily on tourism, with over a million visitors coming to experience the city's thrills each year. There is a ton of fun things to do in Melbourne for those just visiting or making the city their permanent oasis. 

Image of a florida coastline with ariel image of ocean, beach, and the city

Back in the 1800-1900s, the city of Melbourne was actually known as Crane Creek, and the arts district in the northern part of town was a separate city named Eau Ellie. But, in the early 1900s, the city of Crane Creek tragically burned down in a fire, causing residents to flee the area. Luckily, in 1969 the city was then doubled in size after the two cities combined into one in favor of the resident's votes. 

Now, Melbourne stretches all the way to Palm Shores in the north to Palm Bay in the south, including part of the island between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Before moving to Melbourne, FL, you should know what it is like to really live there! Read below to find out the most important aspects of living in this beautiful and quaint Florida city. 

Here are the things you should know about Melbourne! 


Before moving to a new city, you should know the realities of the cost of living there, including housing, food, transportation, and utilities.

The cost of living in Melbourne is actually close to the national average, with the median home value being around $400k, causing the cost of homes to be much lower than most of the large cities in Florida. The residents that live here are a mix of working professionals, families, and retirees with a mixture of housing options from apartments and condos to large family homes with up to five bedrooms. 

When buying a home in Florida, the price of the home itself isn't the only cost you need to consider when looking at your monthly expenses. Living near the water, especially the Atlantic Ocean, puts you at risk of tropical storms, such as hurricanes, that can cause flooding and wind damage. So, to protect your assets, you should consider not only basic home insurance but also weather protection for your home as well. 

Another cost when owning a home is utilities. The average cost of the electricity itself in Melbourne is around $226 a month, not including water, sewage, trash removal, cable, and other expenses that might be tagged onto your monthly bills. If you live in a complex or housing community with amenities such as a pool or gym, you should also check the monthly cost that will be added for having access to those amenities. 

Overall, the cost of living in Melbourne is much lower than many large cities in Florida and is relatively close in cost to the national average. But, you should look into other costs listed above before purchasing a home to know the realities of what your monthly bill is going to look like. 


The current gas price in Melbourne is $3.5 per gallon. With the town itself not being overly populated and many major roads passing through, traffic is typically fairly light, and if you own your own vehicle, you can travel quickly and with ease here. 

If you plan to move to Melbourne without a car, there are also public transportation means to help get you around. Although you might get to your destination a bit slower than owning your own vehicle, the public transportation systems here are affordable and accessible. Check out the different public transportation options below. 

  • 21 Bus-Downtown 
  • 24 Bus-Melbourne (goes through the arts district) 
  • 28 Bus-North Melbourne 
  • 29 Bus-Downtown to Airport


The weather in Florida is a huge draw for people wanting to move to the state. The hot season in Melbourne lasts four months, from late May to late September, with the average temperature being around 86 degrees. In these hotter months, the weather is known to be hot, wet, and cloudy, perfect for a day out on the water or at the many parks that Melbourne has. 

The cooler season, on the other hand, doesn't ever truly get very cold, with temperatures typically staying above 50 degrees and never dropping below 40 degrees. This cool season only lasts about three months, from December to March, with average daily temperatures staying around 75 degrees. The weather during these months is cooler due to the wind and partly cloudy. 

Although the weather is practically perfect all year round here, you do have to be on the watch for large tropical storms and hurricanes. Melbourne is very susceptible to massive hurricanes but is less likely to have the damage as other cities due to it being more north of the gulf coast. But, winds and rain caused by these hurricanes hitting land can still cause flooding and damage to the area, so stay on the lookout and know what to do in case of a bad storm. 


The food industry isn't just about the food anymore; people are now interested in the restaurant's environment as well, and Melbourne has both! The food scene here is a wonderful mix of causal laid, back beach fare with upscale elegant resturants complete with large windows and colorful interiors to stunning landscaped patios. 

If you are curious about where to start, check out the list below for a few local favorites and why! 

Local Favorites

  • The Salty Fox-Quirky atmosphere with eclectic decor and a welcoming, homey feel with unique takes on traditional bar food that is affordable. 
  • Crush XI-A casual hip restaurant with a rustic interior and large windows serving Rustic American food and uniquely crafted cocktails. Great for lunch or a casual dinner with friends, or a bright and cheerful brunch! 
  • The Landing Rooftop-Located inside the Hotel Melby Downtown, this rooftop restaurant and bar is perfect for a romantic getaway or just a delicious meal with a stunning view. The absolute best place to be during sunset with orange and purple skies over the water, The Landing has a wood-accented interior mixed with gold accents and a semi-gatsby feel as well as local artists' art displayed on its walls. During the warm season, the large rooftop patio is also open, displaying the best views of the river with a diverse menu aimed at pleasing everyone. 
  • Le French Restaurant-For a fancy affair with amazing fresh ingredient dishes, this is the spot. Le French has a delicious multi-course dinner paired beautifully with complimenting wines and craft beers. With its artful plating and contemporary interior, you are sure to get an experience every time you come. 


The city of Melbourne has 33 public schools serving a population of 22,524 public students and 30 private schools serving 4,423 private students. There are also a variety of school options to choose from, including traditional, charter, magnet, and religious private school options. 

The public schools in the city are above average, with 62% of students being at least proficient in math and reading and a teacher-to-student ratio of 20 to 1. The district has a wide range of options for students, from pre-kindergarten through high school as well as many charter schools in the city. Charter schools are popular here, with several schools focusing on specific areas of education such as math and science. 

Private schools in Melbourne include schools affiliated with Catholic and Protestant churches as well as schools run by secular organizations. The average cost of a private school in Melbourne is around $8,333 a year compared to the Florida average of $10k. 

With a strong sense of community and wonderful parks and afterschool programs for children to enjoy, Melbourne is a great place to raise a family. Check out some of the best public and private school options below! 

Private Public
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy West Shore
Melbourne Central Catholic  Viera Elementary 
Florida Prep W. Melbourne Elementary School for Science


Melbourne, FL, is part of Brevard County and has a higher diversity rate than other cities in the U.S. The five largest ethnic groups that make up its population are White (70.8%), Black or African American (8.94%), Hispanic (8.21%), Asian (4.08%), and Two + (3.4%). 

Not only is Melbourne diverse in its racial makeup, but also in its age or residents. Melbourne is a retirement-friendly city with many communities, local amenities, things to do, and a great sense of community. But, due to its lower cost of living, it also attracts many young professionals and families as well. Most residents that live in Melbourne tend to lean conservative, with 22% of the population being 65 years of age or older. 

Many residents are also well educated here, with 34% of the population having some college experience and 20% having a bachelor's degree. With the Florida Institute of Technology being in the city, the campus does attract some college students but the student population at this private university is just above 3,000 students, some of which don't remain on campus during the summer. 

Family-Friendly Things To Do 

Melbourne has a fun and exciting environment with a colorful arts district, charming downtown, clean and safe beaches, and excellent parks and recreational activities. Being a family-friendly city, there is a lot of things to do that are fun and accessible to the entire family. The city also prides itself in having exceptionally clean parks and facilities, making it a pleasant experience wherever you go. 

Not every activity is family-friendly or exciting for everyone, so to find the best activities for the entire family, check out the local favorite list below to see what family-friendly things there are to do in Melbourne! 

Local Favorites 

  • Brevard Zoo-A top-rated zoo with 500+ animals and exciting experiences such as feeding the animals or a kayak safari! 
  • Wickham Park-A 391-acre park with tons of recreational options from a campground and trails to playgrounds and a community center. 
  • Andretti Thrill Park-Looking for some excitement! This thrill park has a ton of fun games, attractions, and activities, from go-karts to ropes courses to mini golf and more. 
  • Howard E. Futch Memorial Park-This family-friendly beach and part has a playground, volleyball courts, picnic pavilions, and seasonal lifeguards for the water. 

Pros and Cons of Living in Melbourne, FL


  • Lower in cost
  • Lots of things to do 
  • Community environment 
  • Vibrant arts district 
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Residents are part of a community 
  • Lower chance of hurricane damage
  • Access to outdoor recreation 
  • Year-round sunshine 


  • Higher in crime
  • Not as high-scale as other Florida cities 
  • Threat of hurricanes 
  • Not big on nightlife 

Moving to Melbourne, FL-Final Thoughts 

Melbourne, FL, is a charming, tropical, pleasant, and vibrant town in central Florida, offering lots of fun and exciting things to do, wonderful restaurants, stunning beaches, lush outdoor recreational spaces, a colorful arts district, and wonderful schools. With a lower cost of living compared to the rest of Florida, you get the benefits of the warm weather year-round and beautiful beaches without the outrageous prices. 

Whether you want to live here just for a while or make this a more permanent stay, there are many different housing and rental options available! 

If you or anyone you may know would like to make this beautiful oasis a permanent stay make sure to contact us here so that we can connect you with one of our Realty Specialists.  No matter your budget, home preferences, and preferred neighborhood, we will work with you to find the perfect fit. 

For more information about moving, the best places to live, and things to do, make sure to refer to our other local area guides below! 

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