What Buyers Want in a House: 15 Amenities for 2023

March 31st, 2023

What Buyers Want in a House: 15 Amenities for 2023

When you want to sell your home, it’s maybe not the time to start a full-fledged remodel — but that doesn’t mean your home’s in selling condition, either. There are a few key home amenities that buyers are looking for in a home.

The trend you’ll see here is that crowd-pleasing amenities homeowners can make their own tend to win out over large-scale renovations. These statistics suggest that people prefer making big changes on their own so they have more control over the finished result. 

When you’re trying to reflect what buyers want in a house, prioritize these key upgrades to maximize the return on your home.

1. Upgraded Laundry Room

For many people, laundry isn’t their favorite chore. Even if you live alone, it can take a few hours (sometimes longer!) if you need to lug your basket to the laundromat. It’s no surprise that a survey of renters found that in-unit laundry was the most desirable amenity. The same is true for home buyers.

Buyers want laundry rooms with features that make their lives easier, including:


  • Energy-efficient washer and dryer

  • Adequate storage space

  • Surfaces for ironing and folding


These features go a long way in enticing potential buyers, who also have a preference for where this room should go — 63% of buyers say they want laundry on the first floor of their home. A well-designed laundry room that offers convenience is a valuable amenity in a house you want to sell.

2. Backyard Patio



15% of Home Renovators are adding a deck or patio.


Many sellers hesitate to spend their time staging a backyard, but for the many buyers with kids or pets, a well-planned backyard can be the tipping point that convinces them to put an offer in on your home. Eighty-two percent of buyers would like a home with a patio — more than a front porch, rear porch, or deck.

Creating a patio with paving stones is inexpensive compared to other outdoor amenities like a pool or deck. Almost 15% of renovators are adding a deck or patio, and 21% of buyers say that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced them to want larger homes, so make sure to maximize outdoor space as best you can. Stage the patio with some chairs and a table to show off the potential for quiet mornings outside or a barbecue with family.

3. Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a home run when it comes to upgrades that increase the value of your home and entice buyers. New flooring is the third most popular home improvement project in the United States, and according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), new wood flooring earns 118% of its value back.

Why is wood flooring so reliable? It’s easy to clean, better for allergies than other flooring materials, and suitable for many different interior design styles. If the buyers aren’t sure on the color, refinishing is relatively easy, making wood flooring one of the best options for redoing floors in a home.

4. Energy Efficiency

There are various energy-efficient upgrades you can make that help home buyers save water, electricity, and gas. These amenities are a win for the planet and home buyers looking to cut down on their monthly bills. 

According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB):


  • 83% of buyers want ENERGY STAR windows.

  • 81% of buyers want ENERGY STAR appliances.

  • 80% of buyers want energy-efficient lighting.

  • 79% of buyers want an ENERGY STAR rated home.

  • 73% of buyers want triple pane glass windows.


Focus on energy-efficient upgrades that will reduce costs for home buyers long term. Only 15% of buyers would pay more for a home labeled environmentally friendly, but that number jumps to 57% if buyers understand they'll lower utility costs.

Bar chart shows what energy-efficient appliances home buyers want.


5. Remodeled Bathroom

A remodeled bathroom is high on everyone’s wish list. The primary bathroom is where you get ready to tackle the day as you brush your teeth and unwind at night with a warm bath. Renovators were more satisfied with bathroom renovations and had better cost recovery compared to adding a new bathroom, so it’s best to focus on the bathrooms your home already has.

A survey of homeowners revealed that the top reason they renovated their bathrooms was because they were old and outdated. However, taking on a cosmetic renovation can be risky, as style and taste varies between potential buyers. The following four reasons were insufficient storage, small showers, insufficient lighting, and poor ventilation.

Avoid trendy cosmetic upgrades that could potentially turn off buyers, and instead opt for more utilitarian upgrades and finishes that can suit multiple styles to appeal to more potential buyers. 

6. Walk-In Pantry

Across generations, people name walk-in pantries as one of their most desired home amenities. It’s clear why pantries are so popular — you can store ingredients, snacks, kitchen gadgets, and more to help keep your kitchen clutter-free. Thirty percent of REALTORS recommend upgrading a kitchen, while only 13% recommend a complete renovation before selling.

Adding an amenity like a walk-in pantry is more valuable to people looking to sell compared to completely remodeling a kitchen. That’s because kitchens are highly personal, so potential buyers will probably prefer to do it themselves, but walk-in pantries are always a crowd-pleaser. 

A walk-in pantry is a great chance to get creative with storage solutions, which is valuable to home chefs and novice cooks alike. The most desired specialty storage and organizers are:


  • Cookie sheets/trays

  • Spices

  • Cutlery


People also want to make sure they can hide their messes, so it’s no surprise that 61% of homeowners look for pullout waste and recycling storage.

If your backsplash, countertops, or cabinets are in disarray and need to be replaced for a presentable kitchen, choose these fan favorites:


  • 67% of homeowners prefer ceramic or porcelain backsplashes.

  • 77% of homeowners prefer solid wood cabinets.

  • 61% of homeowners prefer shaker cabinets.

  • 36% of homeowners prefer engineered quartz countertops.

  • 23% of homeowners prefer granite countertops.

Bar chart shows what kitchen features home buyers want.


7. Ceiling Fans

This upgrade might feel a bit too simple, but when it comes to adding amenities before selling a home, simple is better. Ceiling fans are surprisingly popular among home buyers — 83% want ceiling fans in their home, making them the third most desirable feature out of over 200 options.

What makes ceiling fans so popular? They help regulate the temperature in your home and save you money on heating and cooling, regardless of the climate. They also improve ventilation, which reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth in your home.

8. Stainless Steel Appliances

If any of the appliances in your home are outdated or broken, this could turn buyers off. It’s hard to imagine a space without major appliances, and buyers might be willing to pay more if it means they don’t have to stress about whether the dishwasher works as they’re focusing on moving in. 

Twenty-two percent of people report that the most important part of a renovation is having durable appliances. So how do you decide which appliances will be best? Standard stainless steel wins in a landslide, and is the top choice for 74% of homeowners.

The four most popular choices for new appliances are:


  • Dishwasher

  • Refrigerator/freezer

  • Microwave

  • Range


The top four preferred new appliances are a dishwasher, a refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, and a range.


9. Home Office or Flex Space

Whether your home office is its own room or tucked away in a sunny but quiet area, this is something home buyers want to see. With remote work on the rise 50% of people agree that more working flexibility is a motivation for purchasing a home.

On the flip side, only 4% of people are moving to be closer to work, indicating that  working from home at least part time is here to stay. A home office is also the most requested additional space in new builds, according to a study by Fixr.

For some extra selling power, stage your home office with some weights in the corner or create a seating area. Ninety-four percent of experts in the home construction industry agree that multiuse rooms are growing in popularity, so showing off a room’s versatility is a big selling point.

10. Outdoor Lighting

Americans value opportunities to spend time outdoors in 2023, so it’s no surprise that buyers want quality exterior lighting so they can enjoy that outdoor space late into the night.

While floodlights get the job done, choosing something a little more stylish and warm will elevate your outdoor space for a relatively low cost. The top three design styles are transitional, modern, and contemporary, so go with something neutral and minimalistic, which works with all three.

11. Downstairs Bathroom

Adding a bathroom is a big project, so this upgrade isn’t for everyone, but if you’re going to go big, then making sure you have a bathroom on the first floor of your home is a good choice.

When people entertain guests, they don’t want to have to send them upstairs to use the bathroom. This can also be an issue for accessibility. If your home falls into one or more of these three categories, then you should consider adding a downstairs bathroom before selling your home:


  • Located in a 55+ community

  • Has other accessible features (no steps to entry, wide hallways and doors)

  • Is otherwise well designed for entertaining

12. Front Porch

Front porches are valuable spaces for entertaining, people watching, or simply sitting and enjoying your neighborhood. Eighty-one percent of Americans list a front porch as one of their most wanted features in a home, so if you’ve got one, be sure to highlight it when staging your home.

13. Modern Garage

When it comes to parking, a two-car garage is the way to go according to 42% of home buyers. There are just under two vehicles for every household in the United States, so a two-car garage is enough parking for most families.

This hits the sweet spot: People who have two vehicles can store both of them, while people who have just one can use the other space for extra storage or even a treadmill.

14. Health-Minded Materials

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, health and safety is more important than ever to people buying a home. People are aware that the materials used in home renovations can affect their families’ health for years to come.

Painting interiors is a relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your home, and it’s something you can easily do yourself. The NAR surveyed homeowners and found that painting interiors earned a perfect satisfaction score from respondents.

One-fifth of kitchen renovators choose VOC-free paints and finishes, so this is something you can highlight in your listing to attract health-minded buyers. Stick to neutral and light colors to appeal to buyers, many of whom prefer white and off-white colors.

One-fifth of kitchen renovators choose VOC-free paints and finishes.


15. Active Lawns

There’s been some debate over the past year about lawns and whether homes really need them. Whether you’re into classic green grass or planting wildflowers, the data agrees: Lawns are back.

Yardzen reports that there’s been a 150% increase in requests to create “functional front yards.” Americans are done with having all that space go to waste and are looking for ways to turn their front yards into play areas, gardens, and more.

Which Amenities Can You Skip?


Not every upgrade and amenity earns you points with buyers. Some might seem unnecessary and turn off buyers, especially if they feel the price isn’t justified. Here are some amenities you can skip:


  • Primary bedroom renovations are the least desired by homeowners — let your buyers design their own space.

  • Homeowners are split on their preferred kitchen layouts, so let buyers handle that upgrade according to their personal taste. 

  • Americans say they want smart home features, but value upgrades they’d need to add themselves, like Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead of buying costly automated appliances, focus on simpler tech like adding Bluetooth speakers or charging docks.

Find Your Buyer With UpHomes


Whether you have a few amenities to add before listing or your home’s staged and ready to go, list with the experts at UpHomes to find the perfect buyer. We’ll help you get the most value from your home so you can start your next chapter with ease and find your next home when the time is right.


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