10 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to San Antonio, TX

December 12th, 2023

10 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to San Antonio, TX

Living in San Antonio, TX

Are you moving to San Antonio? Here's what it is like living in San Antonio, Texas.

Nestled in South Central Texas lies the beautiful and historic city of San Antonio. Considered one of the best places to live in Texas, San Antonio is home to the 7th largest population in the United States and is thought to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. A great place to live, San Antonio is known for its affordability, high safety rating, prime real estate, fantastic food scene, and relaxing way of life.

San Antonio ranks as the eighth safest large city in the United States and is Texas's most affordable major city center. Attracting many families, young professionals, and retirees to the area, this city in Bexar County is a top destination due to its small-town feel and cultural diversity.

If you are considering moving to Texas, you might want to make San Antonio your next place to call home. With the help of this moving guide, learn all that you need to know about San Antonio, Texas, before officially making the big move.

Read on to learn more about moving to San Antonio, TX.

Affordable cost of living.

With a cost of living 8% less than the national average, living in San Antonio is an affordable option for those searching for a new place to live. Compared to other big cities in Texas, San Antonio is cheaper than Austin or Dallas. Residents only need a median household income of just over $59,000 to live comfortably. Texas does not have a state income tax so residents can save even more money. Housing prices are lower in San Antonio, making finding the home of your dreams even easier. Keep in mind that although certain expenses are lower, property taxes and sales taxes are on the higher side.

The job market is booming.

Business is rising in San Antonio, and this economic boom is one of the many reasons the city is experiencing massive growth and change. With industries such as bioscience, healthcare, manufacturing, renewable energy, hospitality, and tourism leading the way, San Antonio is becoming a central hub for businesses and successful companies.

Some top companies that have decided to call San Antonio home include Toyota, Southwest Research Institute, Valero Energy Corporation, USAA, and the Northside Independent School District. Plus, with an unemployment rate lower than the national average, if you are looking for a job, you will not be looking for long in San Antonio. 

Downtown San Antonio, TX skyline at night time as the sun is setting

San Antonio is a military city. 

Coined the nickname Military City USA, San Antonio is home to one of the country's most significant clusters of military bases. With a population of proud active military members and retired personnel, many families living in San Antonio are connected to the military.

Residents can find U.S. Army Base Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base, and Camp Bulls, which form Joint Base San Antonio, the largest and most diverse base in the United States Department of Defense. It is safe to say that San Antonio is well protected.

Make sure to remember the Alamo. 

San Antonio may be the perfect city for history buffs. Renowned for its historical prevalence, San Antonio was established on May 1st, 17,18, when a Spanish Expedition founded the infamous Mission San Antonio de Valero. This Spanish Mission later became the Alamo, one of the few Roman Catholic missions left today.

Best known for The Battle of the Alamo in 1836, this mission played an essential role in the fight between Mexico and the Republic of Texas on its path toward independence. While the Alamo may receive most of the attention from residents and tourists alike, San Antonio has many other historical attractions and landmarks that should be visited.  

Check out some of these local favorite historic sites in San Antonio, Texas!

  • San Fernando Cathedral: Located in downtown San Antonio, this Roman Catholic cathedral was opened in 1750. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in the country. 

  • Mission San Jose Church Parrish Offices: Another historic mission in San Antonio, the Mission San Jose, was constructed in 1768 from local limestone and still stands today. 

  • San Antonio Missions National Historical Park: This National Historical Park consists of five Spanish Frontier missions in San Antonio. Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these missions were initially established to spread Christianity to the Native Americans. The Alamo, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, Mission Espada, and Mission Concepcion are all a part of the park. Visit today to learn more about these historic missions and their impact on American history. 

  • Spanish Governor's Palace: This historical abode in downtown San Antonio has been named the "most beautiful building in San Antonio." Representing the best of 18th-century Spanish Colonial architecture, this building is considered a National Historic Landmark and is now a public museum for residents and tourists.

San Antonio, TX water flowing through the city and downtown area

The Riverwalk is fabulous. 

Known as the number one attraction in San Antonio and the rest of the state of Texas, the San Antonio Riverwalk is located in the heart of the city and is the go-to destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Welcoming over 14 million visitors annually, this public park is open daily and has become a city symbol. Spanning 15 miles along the San Antonio River, the Riverwalk prides itself on being the most significant urban ecosystem in the United States.

Located only steps from the Alamo, this is an excellent place to bring your family and friends for a night on the town. Whether you want to stroll along the river or hop on a boat, the Riverwalk is an exciting place to hang out. Plus, the Riverwalk is an open container attraction, meaning you can grab a drink and walk around without worries. Keep in mind that swimming in the river is illegal. The best parts along the Riverwalk are located around the upper end of the river. 

Check out these local favorite must-visit destinations on the San Antonio Riverwalk! 

  • Museum Reach San Antonio: Stretching for an additional 1.3 miles, this section of the Riverwalk includes public art installations and the San Antonio Museum of Art. 

  • Rivercenter Mall: Get your shopping done at this mall on the Riverwalk. You can even take a boat to get here. It features over 100 stores, multiple restaurants, a movie theater, and a 38-story hotel. 

  • Esquire Tavern: Established in 1933, Esquire Tavern is considered the oldest bar on the Riverwalk. Featuring the most extended wooden bar top in Texas, head to this watering hole for cocktails, beer, wine, and fantastic bar food. 

  • Boudro's on the Riverwalk: Sit outside on the patio next to the Riverwalk and enjoy only the best New American-style cuisine. Order steaks, seafood, and guacamole made right at your table. This is a must-try for the whole family, from craft cocktails to delicious desserts. Make sure to order the local favorite prickly pear margarita!

Tacos in San Antonio, TX -What are the best restaurants in San Antonio?

Tacos are the breakfast of choice. 

The food scene in San Antonio, Texas, is out of this world. From food trucks to award-winning restaurants, the city goes above and beyond for dining. Mixing International flavors with Spanish Cuisine, San Antonio is best known for its Texas Barbeque and Tex-Mex and has even perfected taco art. Residents love tacos so much that they have even found ways to incorporate them into their breakfast routines. 

Check out these local favorite restaurants serving the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio, Texas! 

  • The Original Donut Shop: Breakfast tacos and donuts are this restaurant's specialty. 

  • Chapala Taco House: Serving homemade breakfast and lunch tacos in a bright atmosphere. Make sure to try the chilaquile tacos! 

  • Las Palapas: This is the only place you should spend Taco Tuesday. Order your choice of breakfast tacos all day, every day. 

  • Thousand Oaks Cafe: The breakfast tacos and plates here will answer your taco dreams.

Head to the rodeo. 

If you have never been to the rodeo before, you are in for a treat once you move to San Antonio. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo are considered a massive deal to the city and are famous for residents to participate in. The rodeo makes for a fun evening, becoming one of the most significant events in San Antonio and attracting over 1.5 million visitors each year.

Multiple performers and big-name musicians also tend to make an appearance every once in a while. Artists such as Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw have all performed here.

The weather is beautiful.

Experiencing a subtropical climate, residents can expect mild winters alongside hot and humid summers. The hottest month is July, with an average high temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit, while the coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. April, October, and November are the city's mildest and most pleasant months. With an average of 220 sunny days throughout the year, San Antonio only receives around 33 inches of rain annually, below the national average of 38 inches.

If you are moving to San Antonio from a colder climate, feel free to leave your snow shovel and snow boots behind since the city receives an average of 0 inches of snow annually. Plus, since San Antonio is located just outside Tornado Alley, residents do not have to worry about the threat of tornadoes as much as other nearby cities.

Beautiful weather year-round in San Antonio

San Antonio embraces art and culture. 

Due to its large and diverse population, San Antonio is proud of its international influence and portrays it through its art, food, architecture, and everyday life. Due to its proximity to Mexico and the state of Texas's connection to the Spanish Empire, Mexican-American culture is embraced and accepted. From museums to musical productions and performances, residents experience this culture in every corner of the city.

Check out these local favorite museums and cultural sites in San Antonio, Texas! 

  • San Antonio Museum of Art: Located in Downtown San Antonio, this art museum features collections and exhibits in the historic Lone Star Brewery on the San Antonio Riverwalk. 

  • McNay Art Museum: Established in 1954, this modern art museum is home to contemporary sculptures and paintings. 

  • Briscoe Western Art Museum: To learn all about the history of the American West, head to this museum to check out its artifacts, collections, and exhibits. 

  • The DoSeum: Offering hands-on learning, this two-story museum is home to interactive exhibits, programs, and events for kids.

San Antonio Tex Mex and so many things to do

There are many things to do. 

Whether you want to stroll along the Riverwalk, admire art collections, enjoy live music at the rodeo, or eat as many breakfast tacos as your heart desires, you will never run out of things to do when living in San Antonio. 

Check out these other local favorite attractions in San Antonio, Texas!

  • Natural Bridge Taverns: Known as the most significant commercial tavern in Texas, this cavern reaches depths up to 180 feet below the surface that tour groups can explore. 

  • Historic Market Square: Spanning three blocks, this outdoor plaza and marketplace is lined with specialty shops and local eateries. 

  • Brackenridge Park: This 343-acre park is a great place to enjoy the city's natural beauty. 

  • Tower of the Americas: This 750-foot tower provides some of the city's best views. There is even a revolving eatery.

Pros and Cons of Moving to San Antonio, TX


  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable housing
  • Good job market
  • No state income tax
  • Year-round sunshine
  • Rich culture and history


  • High property tax
  • Poor air quality
  • High traffic
  • Little public transportation

FAQ - Moving to San Antonio, TX

What's the best area to live in San Antonio, TX?

San Antonio has many safe neighborhoods; the safest include Southtown, Monte Vista, and Fort Sam Houston.

Where is the wealthiest part of San Antonio?

The most wealthy parts of San Antonio include Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, and Hill Country Village. Each neighborhood is known for its stunning homes, safe atmosphere, and friendly community.

What is the crime rate in San Antonio, Texas?

San Antonio is a relatively safe place to live, but it does have a higher-than-average crime rate. The violent crime rate is 735 per 100K people, higher than the national average. 

Is it worth moving to San Antonio?

Other than the beautiful neighborhoods, San Antonio features a low cost of living, low housing costs, a friendly community, abundant things to do, exciting culture, delicious food, and much more. 

Moving to San Antonio, TX - The Bottom Line

It is a great place to live, and moving to San Antonio is worth it. Due to its many famous and popular attractions, it is no surprise that San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas. With an affordable cost of living and a mild climate, San Antonio is home to multiple significant areas and neighborhoods that will appeal to any lifestyle.

Before buying a home in San Antonio, contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced Realty Specialists to aid and guide you through the home-buying process. With the help of our team, you will soon discover just how great of a city San Antonio is. Contact us today to find your dream home in San Antonio, Texas!

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