10 Things To Know BEFORE Moving To Miramar, FL

December 12th, 2023

10 Things To Know BEFORE Moving To Miramar, FL

Living in Miramar

Are you considering moving to Miramar, FL, and want to learn more about the area? Make sure you know these ten things about life in Miramar.

Miramar is a city that is located in Broward County and consists of almost 150,000 residents. This town is known for its safety and a sense of community for those who live there. Miramar is a popular place to move to near Miami and other larger cities on the east coast. 

Most people move to Miramar for its proximity to the beach. The first city mayor was named Miramar, Spanish, for "view of the sea." That is one of the great things about this town. The shore is only 16 miles from the city of Miramar. Living in Miramar gives you a sense of "beach vibes" with its scenic beach roads, surf shops, waterfront homes, restaurants, and so much more. While Miramar does have modern-day homes and neighborhoods throughout the city, Miramar is the perfect place to live if you want to feel like you live at the beach every day.

Miramar is a great place to move you and your family if you are looking for a beautiful town near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This town consists of 22 neighborhood parks and five community parks. This town is also known for its yearly events, such as October's Halloween Masquerade Dance and more.

Now let's go into more detail about the city of Miramar.

Here are ten things you should know about living in Miramar.

History of Miramar

The city of Miramar was founded in 1953 by A.L. Mailman. Mailman bought the land and built 56 inexpensive homes with concrete and flat roofs. The town was named Miramar in 1955 by Mailman because of the Miramar area in Havana, Cuba, where Mailman had his summer home. Miramar translates to "look at the sea" in Spanish, so he thought it fit perfectly for this new development.

H.D. Perry Sr. owned Miramar before it was sold to Mailman. Perry Sr. played a considerable role in the new city's growth and still holds a part today. Perry Sr. was recognized as one of the pioneers in the town's history. He was close with his entire community and was always helping out when needed. He and his wife even held barbeques at their home for residents to connect. 

Mailman and Perry Sr. conducted an entire plan to help this city grow successfully for its residents. As you can tell today, they were very successful. 

Cost of Living

state of florida welcome sign

The downside of living in Miramar is its cost of living. Miramar's housing expenses are 55% higher than the national average, and utility prices are 4% higher than the national average. Miramar's cost of living is 26% higher than the national average. This is because of this town's unique features, bringing in more people daily to the city.

Let's look at data comparing Miramar's living expenses to neighboring cities.

  Fort Lauderdale Miami Tampa Tallahassee
Cost of Living 2% lower 7.5% lower 26.6% lower 31.5% lower
Housing Expenses 2.5% higher 11.2% lower 62.6% lower 73.1% lower

Source: Payscale

All of this data compares the prices of Miramar to other major cities, including Tampa and Tallahassee. As you can tell from this chart, Miramar tends to have a more expensive living cost than all the cities above. As well as housing expenses, except for Fort Lauderdale. 

The good thing about Miramar is that it does have affordable healthcare. The city's healthcare is equal to the national average. An average doctor visit costs around $120, and an average dentist visit costs about $100.

Job Market

As you read above, Miramar is quite an expensive place to live compared to other Florida cities. Because of that, you may be wondering how that is affordable for some. The excellent news is Miramar's unemployment rate is less than the national average. This city's job market has increased by 2% since last year and is expected to grow by 40% in the next ten years.

However, Miramar is full of large companies constantly hiring new talent. Miramar is home to a large airline, Spirit Airlines. This is ranked the #1 best company in Miramar. They also have Regal Springs Tilapia, the #1 producer of natural Tilapia. Miramar has other large companies like Callzilla, City of Miramar, MDLIVE, and more.

Suppose you are considering moving to Miramar but are worried. In that case, there may be a better job for you within city limits, and this town is only a short commute to larger cities surrounding it that may have more opportunities for you. 

Miramar beach sunrise ocean sand

Housing Market

The housing market in Miramar is very similar to the housing market anywhere at this current moment in 2022. It is a competitive market. The home prices as of November 2022 have increased by 12% compared to last year's. The median home sold price is roughly $465,000 in Miramar. 

This year 20% of homebuyers were looking to move out of Miramar, and the other 80% were looking to stay in the area. This is a good sign for a town. Having most of your residents wanting to stay within the metro area proves that the locals love where they live and aren't planning on leaving. This is why the housing market in Miramar is competitive. 

A few exciting statistics are 3% of homebuyers across the nation are searching about moving to Miramar. Also, Miramar's out-of-state homebuyers come from New York, Washington, and Boston. People who live in the North tend to relocate to warmer states, and Florida is usually their first choice, if not close second.


Miramar, Florida, offers you or your children many educational options within city limits. There are 38 preschools, 23 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and eight high schools. They also have 27 private schools and eight public charter schools. Living in Miramar gives you access to almost any school you want.

classroom scene with chalkboard and desks

Here are the top-ranked K-12 schools in Miramar.

Elementary School Middle School High School
Somerset Miramar South Somerset Academy Middle Everglades High School

If you are considering moving to Miramar and are wondering if there are any colleges or universities nearby, Broward College is right around the corner. This is a 4-year college that is a part of the Florida College System. Broward College serves first-time college students, adult learners, and career professionals in academic programs across eight career-related pathways. 

Crime Rate

When moving to a city unknown to you, you must understand your surroundings. Looking at the safety of your future hometown can make or break you if you move to the area. However, Miramar is safer than 44% of other cities in the country. Its locals know Miramar to be a safe and close community. 

  Violent Property Total
Number of Crimes 349 1,500 1,849
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 2.59 11.12 13.72

Excellent Restaurants

Who doesn't love food? We are here to give you some of those options and other local favorites.

  • Tribeca Restaurant & Lounge: This restaurant combines Latin and Caribbean cuisine with global influences. Here you will be served the freshest ingredients. Enjoy a delicious dinner while also trying some of their handmade cocktails. 
  • Amici Trattoria Italian: This restaurant was opened just this year and has already been raved about. It is the best authentic Italian cuisine in town. From classic pasta dishes to their signature wood-fired pizzas, they have something for everyone.
  • Blue Ginger Seafood Steakhouse: Enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere while enjoying some of the best Japanese Hibachi. Here you will find talent as you want your meal. If you have never been to a restaurant where the chefs cook before you, we highly suggest going to Blue Ginger.

These are just a few must-try restaurants, but there are many more. Check out our guide on the best restaurants in Miramar.

Japanese seafood steakhouse grill fire


You have most likely heard of what the weather is like in Florida. Since Miramar is located in the Southern part of Florida, it tends to get a tad warmer than the Northern part of Florida. In Miramar, summers are generally hot and wet, their most extended season. They usually average a summer temperature of 90º with a lot of rain. If you have never been to southern Florida, be prepared for the humidity you will face in the summer.

On the plus side, winters are usually short and not too cold. You will never see northern winter temperatures or snow in Miramar, Florida. Getting away from the cold air and the snow is one of the reasons why people move to Florida.

Family-Friendly Activities

Here are a few places to enjoy fun activities with your family and friends in and around Miramar.

  • Monster Mini Golf: Enjoy the indoor attraction in Miramar that offers glow-in-the-dark mini golf, a large arcade, and even a virtual reality setup. They are open every day of the week and are super affordable. They even offer military and first responder discounts to teachers and seniors.
  • Flamingo Gardens: Flamingo Gardens is a premier Everglades Learning Center and Botanical Sanctuary. It is 60 acres of lush gardens and fascinating wildlife. This attraction is so unique and is a must-see in Miramar.
  • C.B. Smith Park: This location is one of the most diverse sites near Miramar. It offers a gigantic waterpark with four 50-foot waterslides, lazy rivers, a campground, a golfing center, tennis courts, basketball courts, batting cages, and many more features.

Lakes of Miramar

A perk about living near the coast in Florida is the number of lakes throughout the towns. Miramar itself has 460 acres of water within its city limits. These lakes include some of the largest artificial lakes in Broward county. Over time, developers have been creating neighborhoods and communities around these lakes. You might move to Miramar for its proximity to the coast, but you could also have a lake in your backyard.

lake florida water trees homes sunrise

If you are a fisherman, Miramar is the place for you. This town is known for it is the best place to fish. You can find Largemouth Bass, Butterfly Peacock Bass, Mayan Cichlid, and many more species within the lakes of Miramar. 

If you are not a fisherman and don't enjoy that, you can enjoy the lakes by visiting its paved trails around most of them and the parks. On a lovely morning or evening, you can enjoy the views of the lakes by walking the trails with your family and friends.

Pros and Cons Miramar


  • Great education
  • Low poverty rate
  • High livability
  • Close to the coast
  • Free public transportation
  • Inexpensive health care
  • Great job market
  • No income state tax


  • High cost of living
  • Large population
  • High property tax
  • High housing costs


Is Miramar an expensive place to live?

Yes, it is. Miramar, Florida, is known to be one of the more expensive cities in the United States.

Is Miramar, Florida, a good place to live?

Absolutely. This city is safe and has a sense of a welcoming community. Living in Miramar offers residents a dense suburban feel. There are also tons of things to do within this city for those who live there or are visiting. 

What is the best area to live in Miramar?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Miramar are Miramar ParkRiviera Isles I, and Silver Lakes. Almost any area that you choose to move to will be unique in different ways. This community is super friendly and welcoming, so people love living in Miramar.

How close is Miramar to the beach?

Miramar, Florida, is around 16 miles from Ocean Drive, which is South Beach.

Moving To Miramar - Final Thoughts

If you decide that moving to Miramar is in your plans, you will be satisfied with what this suburb offers you and your family. The bright side of living in Miramar is that you are in a town with a small-town feel, but it is also just a short drive to bigger cities. Without living within those city limits, you can enjoy all the perks of cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Miramar is more expensive than most of Florida, but it is worth it! Miramar has excellent schools, a college, and many fun activities for you. Once you move to Miramar, the community will immediately greet you. It isn't known for being a safe and close-knit community for nothing.

If you, or anyone you know, are planning on moving to Miramar, Florida, you can contact us to get connected with a local Real Estate professional. Working with a Realtor can help ease the stress and annoyances of moving and finding the perfect home for you and your family! 

If you don't want to move to Miramar, check out our other blogs about nearby cities, including moving to Lakeland, Palm Coast, Hollywood, and Coral Springs.

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