6 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

March 23rd, 2023

6 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

Best Places to Live in Los Angeles

What are the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles? Here are the best places to live in LA!

Most famous for its beaches, hillside living, warm weather, and entertainment industry, the southern California city of Los Angeles remains one of the most well-known cities in the world. Named one of the best places to live in California, Los Angeles truly is the city for dreamers and goal-getters. If you have always wanted to move to California, then moving to Los Angeles may be just the place for you. Full of excitement and the hustle and bustle of city life, Los Angeles is home to various neighborhoods with distinct vibe and character.

While finding a new place to live may seem stressful and daunting, finding the right neighborhood that fits your lifestyle makes a difference. You can shop for homes in Los Angeles on our website and match your next area and house to your lifestyle.

Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA - Here are the best places to live in Los Angeles

Before calling sunny Los Angeles home, you may be wondering where you should live. While Los Angeles may have some bad areas, many neighborhoods are safe and surrounded by employment opportunities. Whether you want a community that is affordable, culturally diverse, or accessible to local amenities, there is a neighborhood for you in Los Angeles. With the help of this neighborhood guide, read on to learn more about the 6 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California!

Hollywood is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles - It's one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country as well


Much more than just a neighborhood, Hollywood is a leader in the film industry and a symbol of all things entertainment. Attracting thousands of tourists yearly, this part of town is most well known for its many landmarks and tourist attractions that make the neighborhood famous. A prominent business center, many technology start-ups, and small companies are choosing to occupy Hollywood due to its popularity. Some top companies in Hollywood include SpaceX, Netflix, Paramount, The Walt Disney Company, Bank of America, and Amgen.

Home to rooftop bars, trendy eateries, fantastic nightlife, old movie houses, and abundant shopping, Hollywood is always busy and full of something to do. Growing over the years, Hollywood has a lot of new apartment complexes, top-of-the-line high rises, and luxurious single-family homes. While the traffic may be heavy and the cost of living may be expensive, moving to Hollywood will mean that you will live near the stars.

So, where in Hollywood should you reside? Split up into West Hollywood and East Hollywood, depending on where you choose to live, will decide what vibe and lifestyle you will have. If you want a more lively and exciting party atmosphere, check out West Hollywood. If you want a more relaxed and laid-back way of life, then East Hollywood is the place to be. Check out the homes for sale in Hollywood.

Local Favorites:

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: Running along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, this stretch of street is lined with stars dedicated to some of the most celebrities in Hollywood.
  • The Hollywood Sign: This iconic site in Hollywood was built in 1920 in the Hollywood Hills and can be seen all over the city during the day. If you are up for an adventure, you can even hike to the top and see it up close.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: A family-friendly tourist attraction, head to this theme park to ride roller coasters and other classic attractions. Check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Universal Studio Tour.
  • The Sunset Strip: A part of the infamous Sunset Boulevard, this strip between Hollywood and Beverly Hills has top restaurants, retail establishments, and larger-than-life billboards. Maybe you will even spot a celebrity!

Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles which is in Beverly Hills for a two mile stretch with luxurious shopping and fancy restaurants

Beverly Hills

Home to the rich and famous, many celebrities and Hollywood stars reside in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Known as one of the most prestigious and expensive places to live, Beverly Hills even has a reality tv show that has attracted much attention to this part of the city. Located in the heart of Los Angeles at the top of the mountains, this neighborhood features expansive mansions, tropical gardens, high-end restaurants, and some of the most luxurious shopping in the United States.

While the most notorious part of the city is the houses, the median listing home price is currently at a whopping $4.5 million. Since the prices are so high, most of the residents in this neighborhood have received top success in the television, film, and music industries. Providing its residents with a level of exclusivity that can not be found anywhere else, living in Beverly Hills is an experience unlike any other. Check out homes for sale in Beverly Hills.

Local Favorites:

  • Rodeo Drive: This two-mile stretch in Beverly Hills is known for its luxurious shopping and fancy restaurants. Expect extravagance everywhere you look and sports cars zooming up and down the streets.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art: An expansive collection of contemporary art, photography, paintings, sculptures, and textiles. There are both permanent and rotating exhibits.
  • Greystone Mansion: This mansion was constructed in 1928 and is one of the most famous mansions used in Hollywood and filmmaking. This mansion was used in Gilmore Girls, X-Men, The Social Network, Dark Shadows, The Prestige, and many other famous movies and television shows.
  • Croft Alley Beverly Hills: This relaxing eatery serves California classics, including sandwiches, salads, avocado toast, and bowls.

Downtown Los Angeles at night time not a cloud in the sky

Bel Air

Found in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and only 12 miles west of downtown Los Angeles lies the charming and lavish residential neighborhood of Bel-Air. Home to many celebrities, including Elon Musk, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael Bay, Bel-Air is one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Famous after the popular television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the neighborhood is expensive, much like Beverly Hills, and features large stately mansions with massive properties.

Named the wealthiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, Bel-Air has the highest median income out of the city. Great for successful Hollywood and business moguls, Bel Air is safe and well-maintained. For those moving with school-aged children, the school district in the area has highly-rated private and public schools. With many parks, restaurants, coffee shops, fancy boutiques, and local events, Bel-Air residents always have something to do and love to stay involved in the community. Check out homes for sale in Bel Air.

Local Favorites:

  • Independent Brewing Company: If you love craft brewing, check out this brewing company for a fantastic selection of beers. Featuring daily food trucks, tours, non-alcoholic drinks, and a dog-friendly outdoor patio.
  • Bel Air Farmers' Market: Find a great selection of fresh produce and locally made goodies. Open every Saturday starting at 7 am.
  • Liriodendron Mansion: Built in 1898, this mansion was home to one of the founders of John Hopkins Hospital and Medical School. This home is open for tours and has direct access to the Ma and Pa walking trails.
  • Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air: A great place to get outdoors to walk, run, bring the dog, or ride your bike.

The hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, California

Los Feliz

Did you know that Los Feliz is considered the birthplace of Disney's Mickey Mouse? Situated on the hillside near Hollywood, the neighborhood of Los Feliz is a great place to live. This urban residential area has a variety of bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, bookstores, and parks. Not only is Los Feliz cute and charming, but living here is relaxed, which offers a nice break from all of the hustle and bustle of city life in downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. Known to be a tight-knit community, residents say hi on the streets, and most people know each other's names. The neighborhood is also extremely dog friendly and has multiple establishments with dog-friendly outdoor patios.

While the neighborhood may be smaller, its size allows residents to walk around town easily without using a car. The food scene in Los Feliz is also above and beyond, thanks to its significant international influence. Home to a Thai Town, all types of spicy Thai food are scattered around the neighborhood. Attracting artsy creatives, entrepreneurs, and self-starters, everyone wants to move to Los Feliz. While living here may be more affordable than living in Hollywood Hills, the median home value in this neighborhood still averages around $1-2.5 million. Check out the homes for sale in Los Feliz.

Local Favorites:

  • Griffith Observatory: A must-do in Los Angeles, this observatory sits on a hill in Griffith Park and provides the city's most breathtaking and panoramic views. Look through the telescopes and stargaze while you are up there.
  • Greek Theatre: A great place to check out live music and outdoor concerts. This theater has hosted incredible talent, including legendary Frank Sinatra and Elton Jon.
  • Skylight Books Los Feliz: Located in the neighborhood's famous shopping district, this bookstore has a wide selection of books dedicated to film, music, and television.
  • Sapp Coffee Shop: A foodies dream and Thai food hotspot. Residents flock to this eatery specifically for the "boat noodle soup" and other classic Thai favorites.

Culver City

Nicknamed the "Heart of Screenland," Culver City is most famous for its film and Tv Production. MGM Studios and Sony Pictures can be found here. With an estimated population of just over 39,000 people, Culver City is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles due to its safety rating, relatively affordable housing, and diverse culture. What was once one of the most significant studio areas in the 1920s is now experiencing a lot of economic growth with the addition of big tech companies, brand-new restaurants, and high-end shopping. Attracting many families, couples, and young professionals to the area, living in Culver City is considered hip and trendy. Home to some celebrities, including actress Drew Barrymore, Culver City is a hidden gem of Los Angeles and is among the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. Check out the homes for sale in Culver City.

Local Favorites:

  • Culver City Park: Close to nearby beaches and amenities, this park is great for spending time outdoors with family and friends. There is a kid's playground, a dog park, and a picnic area to enjoy.
  • Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook: Do you want amazing views of downtown Los Angeles? Hike to the top of this scenic hiking trail and overlook. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed.
  • Vespertine: A fine dining destination that has been the talk of the town since its opening. This modern restaurant serves fantastic food alongside quality service in an inviting atmosphere.
  • Platform LA: This outdoor mall in the center of Culver City is a local hotspot with various shops and restaurants. There is a cycle studio, a juice bar, an ice cream shop, an art gallery, and more.

Street sign that reads Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California


Recognized as "The Playground of the Sea," Venice has gained global recognition for its scenic views and coastal living. Considered the talk of the town, Venice is a popular beach neighborhood that is most famous for its free-spirited and bohemian atmosphere. The west side of Venice is known to be the safest and has the most prominent homes and wealthiest residents. Venice is one of the most well-known Los Angeles destinations, full of excellent entertainment, magnificent shopping, and delicious dining. When not at the beach, check out the area's many walking trails, outdoor parks, and skate parks. When offering its residents a mixture of urban and suburban living, check out Venice's neighborhood when looking for a place to live in Los Angeles.

Check out the homes for sale in Venice.

Local Favorites:

  • High Rooftop Lounge, Venice Beach: This open-air rooftop lounge and deck on the beach has craft cocktails and a DJ on special nights.
  • Menotti’s Coffee Shop: Located on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, this coffee shop is a must-try and includes organic and vegan coffee options and classic favorites.
  • Pacific Resident Theatre: Open since 1985, check the calendar for upcoming shows and productions.
  • Rose Cafe-Restaurant: Considered a staple in Venice, this restaurant serves internationally-inspired dishes in a bohemian-style atmosphere.

The 6 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA - The Bottom Line

It is no secret that Los Angeles has expensive housing and a high cost of living. But, with our team's help, you can find your dream home in a neighborhood that best suits you and your budget. Before buying a home, make sure to understand what you desire in an area so that our team can be there to assist you. Since Los Angeles has so many great neighborhoods to choose from, it is essential to contact one of our knowledgeable Realty Specialists to guide you through the home-buying process. Contact us today!


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