9 Things To Know BEFORE Moving To Columbus, OH | Living in Columbus

March 23rd, 2023

9 Things To Know BEFORE Moving To Columbus, OH | Living in Columbus

Living in Columbus

Are you considering moving to Columbus, Ohio? Keep reading to learn the essential things to know about life in Columbus.

Columbus is one of the best places to live in Ohio. It is located in the heart of the state of Ohio, with Cincinnati located Southwest of the city and Cleveland located North. This city is the state capital of Ohio and is constantly growing.

Columbus is a part of Franklin County, with a population of 941,364 residents. This city is known to be the largest city in Ohio and 14th in the United States. Columbus keeps growing as more people learn about the great things this city has to offer.

The atmosphere of this city is young, hip, and innovative making it an excellent city for young professionals or people looking to move to a lively town. Columbus is full of culture, art, and a booming tech industry. 

Buying a home in Columbus could be the best decision you ever make. Keep reading along to learn about the essential things to know about this city.

Columbus Ohio Downtown Aerial View

Here are the nine things to know about Columbus, Ohio.

Cost of Living

Not only is Columbus a beautiful city, but it is also affordable for being the state's capital. Columbus's overall cost of living is 10 percent lower than the national average. This is an excellent aspect of this city. It is critical to move to an area that is affordable for you and your family. 

Other factors to consider are the housing costs being 20 percent lower, the utilities being 7 percent lower, and the groceries being 3 percent lower. Columbus has so much to offer, so on top of that, it being a super affordable city is the biggest highlight. 

It is super important to move to a place you can afford. However, everyone's definition of affordable differs depending on your circumstances and budget. We will break down the most important things they spend money on frequently in everyone's life.

Energy Bill $165.15
Gallon of Gas $3.05
Loaf of Bread $3.75
Gallon of Milk $2.35
Doctor's Visit $108.05
Dentist Visit $93.22

Source: Payscale

Affordable Real Estate Market

Many people are moving to Ohio every day, specifically in the Columbus area, for its beautiful neighborhoods and real estate. Since the beginning of 2023, many people have questioned whether the housing market will crash because of the economy's current market.

Since last year, Columbus has been entirely a seller's market and has stayed one. A seller's market means that the prices of homes will be higher than usual, and the homes on the market will sell fast. This shows that Columbus' housing market has not started to decline.

At the beginning of this year, the median home price has risen around 10 percent to now $256,324. Experts are predicting that the market is going to keep growing at a steady rate as more people are relocating to Columbus. 

On the other hand, the inventory of homes sold has increased by around 8 percent. This is a great sign for those looking to buy a home in Columbus sometime soon. As the market is slightly competitive, having a variety of homes makes purchasing a little easier. As of February, this city has over 2,000 homes for sale.

Interestingly, 40 percent of homes were sold for under the asking price, and 40 percent were sold for over the asking price. This is when you should reach out to a local real estate agent to discuss home prices and how to put an offer on a home the right way in this market.

Contact us here to get connected with a Real Estate Agent.

Job Market

The job market in Columbus has been off to a good start at the beginning of 2023. If you are looking for a job when relocating to Columbus, depending on your industry, you may not have a problem finding employment.

One biggest employments of this city is the Ohio State University. Because this university is one of the largest and most known, it employs tons of people along with the other school systems in the area. With Columbus being the capital of Ohio, there are also a variety of government jobs located right within the city.

Columbus has many headquarters in industries like healthcare, insurance, retail, information technology, and finance. There is a little bit for everyone, so job opportunities exist for those looking.

Good Education

Columbus is an excellent option if you are looking for a city that is part of a trustworthy school district. Columbus is a part of the Columbus City School District in Franklin County. This school district has 623 schools in total, with 429 preschools, 217 elementary schools, 102 middle schools, and 74 high schools. They also have 73 public charter and 401 private schools for those interested.

Here are some of the top-rated public schools in Columbus.

Elementary School Middle School High School
- Clinton Elementary School - Finland Middle School - Grandview Heights High School
- Worthington Hills Elementary School - Mccord Middle School - Worthington Kilbourne High School

While Columbus has an abundance of grade schools available throughout the city, they also have about 50 colleges and universities in the Columbus area. There is a great mix of public and private schools, but Columbus has a majority of private. 

A few great colleges and universities to look further into are Ohio State University, a 4-year public university. Franklin University is a 4-year private institution. Ohio Dominican University, another 4-year private university, and more. They also have Columbus State Community College, a public 2-year college.

Ohio State University Campus

Crime Rate

Like any other large city, the safer areas will tend to be the city's outskirts. You will find more crime in the more populated areas closer to downtown Columbus. It is inevitable to see more property and violent crime where there are more residents.

Here is the Columbus annual number of crimes broken down.

  Violent Property Total
Number of Crimes 5,407 30,062 35,469

Source: neighborhoodscout

If you would like to compare the Columbus crime rates to other neighboring cities, check out this data from 2021 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Finding a good restaurant in Columbus is not hard to come by. This city is home to various restaurants ranging in different styles, cuisines, and atmospheres. Whether you are feeling Italian, a Steakhouse, or Japanese, Columbus has all kinds of dining options for you and your family.

Here are a few local favorites and a brief description of what to expect.

  • Lindey's: This is an upscale bistro in German Village that is perfect for any celebration or date night. Check out their menus as they serve brunch, lunch, and dinner. Some of our favorites are the Lobster Bisque, Angel Hair Pasta with Cajun Shrimp, and Steak Frites.
  • Veritas: This establishment is located in downtown Columbus and has been known to be one of the city's best restaurants over the last decade. Here you will find multi-course dinners that are based on Spain and Scandinavia cuisine.
  • Brassica Sandwiches & Salads: Here, you will find a menu that is solely based on Mediterranean cuisine. They serve organic and fresh meals made with local ingredients. You are guaranteed to be served a fresh meal at this restaurant which is why it is so loved by the locals.
  • Fox in the Snow Cafe: This local cafe is delicious and the perfect breakfast spot. You will find delicious Candied Bacon, Cinnamon Rolls, and freshly brewed coffee here.

Lobster Bisque Lobster Soup

Hip, Fun Environment

Not only does Columbus have things for families to enjoy, but it is also full of various entertainment for young adults. You can find most of these upbeat destinations near the campus of Ohio State University and downtown Columbus. Throughout the city, you will run into plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs that are either fancy or casual.

This city is full of vibrant hot spots for those who are looking for places to meet new people or have a great time with their friends after sunset. Columbus has it all if you are looking for a nightclub, casual bar, or live music entertainment.

Here are a few of the local favorite hot spots throughout Columbus.

Parks and Museums

Columbus, Ohio, caters to all kinds of people of any age. Specifically, they have many fun things to do for families and kids throughout the city. Finding activities for children can be important to most people. We are here to tell you that Columbus has various interactive parks and museums for you to enjoy.

Here are some of the local favorite spots throughout Columbus.

Nicest Neighborhoods

Now let's discuss which neighborhoods and areas have been voted to be the best by the locals of Columbus. Obviously, everyone has their own idea of what a "great" neighborhood entails, so we will list off a few that have had an excellent reputation in the Columbus community.

  • German Village: This neighborhood has been one of the most talked about areas throughout Columbus. Here you will find charming brick single-family homes that are surrounded by dozens of shops, coffees, and restaurants.
  • Short North Arts District: You will find a hip, culture-rich area here. This is where most young professionals tend to settle. In this district, you will find a variety of apartments and condos.
  • Victorian Village: This neighborhood is known for its beautiful nature throughout. It has a variety of luxury-style homes like Gothic Revival Mansions, Second Empire villas, and Queen Anne houses. 
  • Franklinton: This is a more family-oriented area with a mix of quiet residential streets and revitalized industrial areas—tons of things to do in Franklinton for anyone of any age. 

There are so many more great neighborhoods located throughout Columbus, Ohio. 


  • Vibrant, lively atmosphere
  • An incredible inventory of homes on the market
  • Super affordable cost of living, housing, utilities, and transportation
  • Tons of family-friendly activities
  • Great K-12 schools, colleges, and universities
  • An abundance of great neighborhoods to choose from


  • It can be a dangerous city, depending on where you move to
  • The housing market is still competitive, and home prices are still higher than normal
  • The job market in Columbus could be better, but it's not horrible
  • Traffic in certain areas can prolong commutes
  • The city has super cold winters with snow, so pack your snow pants

Home Snow Winter Neighborhood Col


Is it a good idea to move to Columbus, Ohio?

Yes. Columbus is a great place to live in Ohio and offers so much to its residents. It is a super affordable city for its size. There is also an abundance of things to do in the town for those with families, young professionals, and even retirees.

What are things I should know before moving to Columbus?

Everything we have discussed in this blog is critical to know before making a move to Columbus. Other things to remember are; it is a big city, the roads are efficient, North Market has delicious food, and they have an abundance of sports.

Is Columbus an age-friendly city?

It is a very age-friendly city. As you read throughout the article, it caters to people of all ages. There are things to do for those with children, and there are things to do for those who are night owls and love socializing. There are also many relaxing cocktail bars and restaurants for those who prefer that over nightclubs and loud live music. There is a little bit for everyone of all ages.

Life in Columbus, Ohio - Our Final Thoughts

After reading about the great things throughout Columbus, Ohio, we hope you have a better understanding of what this city has to offer to its residents and visitors. It is a booming city with affordable living, plenty of great educational options, a healthy job market, and tons of entertainment for people of all ages and lifestyles.

If you are considering moving to Columbus, contact us here to get connected with a local real estate specialist who can help you navigate through the moving process.


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