10 Best Places to Live in Ohio

March 20th, 2023

10 Best Places to Live in Ohio

Places to Live in Ohio

Are you considering moving to Ohio and would like to know which cities are the best to live in? Keep reading to learn about the ten best places in Ohio to live.

Moving to a new state can bring many questions to your mind. Most of those questions are, "What is a good area to move into?" If you are the type of person who likes to research to learn about your options, this guide is perfect for you.

Ohio has a population of around 11.7 million residents. It is one of the most populated states among the 50. When moving to Ohio, you will run into both small and large cities. Determining which atmosphere you would prefer for your life is up to you.

We will discuss some of the biggest cities in Ohio, why people love living in them, homes for sale in Ohio, and some of the smaller rural areas that are starting to grow. Each city or town has much to offer, but everyone's preferences differ. Keep reading to learn more.

Ohio state flag in the sky

Here are the ten best places to live in Ohio


If you love a sports scene, Cincinnati is the place for you. It is located next to the Ohio River and is known for its delicious food choices and booming professional sports. 

A unique thing about this city that most people need to learn is that Cincinnati is built on seven hills. This allows the town to have distinct neighborhoods and patchwork across the city that differ in character and architecture. Since each neighborhood is unique and different, many are searching for homes for sale in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to the NFL team, Cincinnati Bengals, and the MLB team, Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are the first professional baseball team formally named in the 1880s. Both of these teams' home stadiums are located right here in Cincinnati.

A great place to live in Ohio, Cincinnati has been growing for years. There are many things to do, explore, and enjoy living in Cincinnati, which is why so many young professionals, families, and retirees are deciding to call this Ohio city home.   


Cleveland, Ohio, is another beloved city. Located on one of the major Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Cleveland alone has a population of nearly four million residents. Best known as a sports-craved city, people constantly move to this city or enjoy visiting.

Home to Rock and Roll and award-winning dining destinations, Cleveland is known for its diverse culture and welcoming community to everyone who comes into the city. 

While people may think that Cleveland is an expensive place to call home, it is actually quite affordable. The cost of living in Cleveland is 6% lower than the national average, and Cleveland's housing prices are 17% less than the national average. These are all good signs for those who are deciding whether to move to this city or not.

Cleveland sign downtown night water


Columbus, Ohio, is the state capital and one of the most populated cities in the state. People are moving to Columbus for its young, hip, and creative atmosphere. It is also home to Ohio State University, which brings in the city's lively energy. 

This city has been ranked one of the best cities to live in because of all that it has to offer and for its affordable housing market and cost of living. 

Most people who live in Columbus love the opportunities it presents. Residents are flocking to this city because of its job market specifically. It is essential in the tech industry to bring in substantial tech companies, which provide Americans with more jobs in the area. It is also home to some of the most prominent corporate headquarters. Some are Intel, Big Lots, American Electric Power, Victoria's Secret, and more.

Other reasons people are flocking to Columbus are its sought-after neighborhoods, art scene, cultural diversity, universities, and restaurants. 


This is another relatively large city in Ohio. It is coming in the sixth largest city with over 800,000 residents in the greater Dayton area. It is a highly affordable city with beautiful housing. You can live within Dayton's city walls without branking the bank and enjoying all this city offers.

Dayton is famous for its history. Home to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, one of the world's oldest military aviation museums, history can be seen and appreciated all throughout Dayton. 

Living in Dayton allows an easy commute to almost anything within 30 minutes. It has fantastic things to explore, like parks, breweries, restaurants, and more! It is also home to a private Catholic university, the University of Dayton.


Residents and locals love Toledo, Ohio. It is a beautiful city with affordable homes and a low cost of living. Toledo is the perfect place for young professionals and families to move to. It is the fourth largest city in Ohio, providing its residents with great things to do within city limits.

Toledo Ohio skyline lake river water

Living in Toledo allows you easy access to surrounding cities. Traffic is light, which is part of why the residents here love the city. It also has a variety of entertainment for families, friends, etc. Toledo is famous for its zoo, which has been its main attraction for many years.

Toledo's atmosphere and community are incredibly welcoming. The scenery is beautiful, as Toledo has many nature parks and historical landmarks to explore.


Most people don't know this, but Marietta is the oldest city in Ohio. It is the first official American settlement territory North and west of the Ohio River. It was previously known as Riverboat Town. 

This small city is unique in every way. This city is full of local businesses, shops, and restaurants; you name it. Marietta is a close-knit community that is super welcoming to its neighbors. 

People love living in Marietta because of its family-friendly attractions. Because it's the oldest city in Ohio, it holds so much history to keep you busy. Whether you are considering moving to Marietta or simply visiting, you should explore the Hidden Marietta, Campus Martius Museum, Ohio River Museum, etc.

This affordable city's cost of living is 15% lower than the national average and 7% lower than the state average. Many people are drawn to Marietta because their housing costs are 42% lower than the national average. Who doesn't love that when relocating?

German Village

German Village has a different atmosphere and architecture than the rest of Ohio. It is located right next to downtown Columbus. You can look up and see the large 20+ story buildings in Columbus, but you will find a facility in German Village at most three stories.

This town is relatively small and does everything possible to preserve its historic buildings from the early 1800s. German Village is a predominantly walking town. Walking through the city gives you the authentic vibe of this area so you can truly see what it has to offer. 

This place is the perfect city to move to if you are a young professional because of its proximity to the nightlife in downtown Columbus. It was voted the best neighborhood in 2020 and number two in 2021.

German Village is considered a more expensive town but very safe. Check out these homes for sale in German Village.


This small town is located 20 minutes from Columbus. It has a population of around 6,000 residents. If you are looking for a city in Ohio that is quiet and quaint on the outskirts of downtown Columbus, buying a home in Granville is a great option for you.

Because of its proximity to the capital, and Ohio's largest city, it is a perfect town to move to for young professionals and families. You are a short drive to the town home to many jobs. Jobs in Granville, however, have been increasing and growing.

It is an excellent place to raise a family because of its education. They have a handful of public schools and private schools. It is also a very safe area which is essential.

Granville has many coffee shops, dining establishments, breweries, and local shops.


Canton, Ohio, is a suburb of Cleveland and has a population of 12,456 residents. This city is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Residents love living in Canton because of its low cost of living and unique, affordable homes

One thing to keep in mind about Canton, the crime rate is relatively high for the size of the city and its population. This is the only downside about this beautiful small town. Make sure you are taking the proper safety measures.

However, Canton is home to many things to do with your friends and family, from parks and museums to historical landmarks. Its most famous attraction is Cedar Point Amusement Park. This known amusement park is said to be the best in the world. It is also the biggest amusement park in America.

amusement park rides large rollercoaster

Moving to Canton, Ohio, will provide many great things to enjoy as a young professional or family outside of Cleveland.


Springfield is a super affordable city that has a population of around 60,000 residents. It is considered to be one of the cheaper cities in Ohio. Springfield is the perfect place if you are looking for an affordable town close to the bigger cities.

A fun fact about Springfield is that it is an immaculate town. The air and water quality are phenomenal, and the disease risk is extremely low. It is a perfect town for those looking to move to a quiet town to raise their family or retire.

Springfield has many excellent schools and parks for the children to thrive in the town. It is also known for its art and cultural diversity throughout the city. When moving to Springfield or visiting, explore the Hartman Rock Garden. Here you will find miniature stone statues that were all built by hand.


What is the nicest town in Ohio?

The most beautiful towns in Ohio are based on personal opinions. However, locals say that Granville, Oberlin, and Put-In-Bay are some of Ohio's most beautiful small cities.

What city in Ohio are people moving to?

Some of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio are Columbus, Middletown, Kettering, and Cuyahoga Falls. Other cities are also growing quickly, but these have become highly desired cities for those relocating to Ohio.

What are the pros and cons of living in Ohio?

Pros Cons
- Affordable cost of living - Very cold winter seasons
- Great job opportunities - Poverty is high in some cities
- Amazing local restaurants - High crime in certain areas
- Kind and welcoming community - Public transportation is not the best
- Plenty of things to do with your family and friends - Bad pollen for those who are prone to allergies
- Easy access to major metro areas  
- Great towns to live in  

What part of Ohio is the safest to live in?

Ohio's top four safest towns are Elyria, Kettering, Green Township, and Parma. Like in every other state, crime will be higher if you are in a busy major city. The rural suburbs are the best options if you want to relocate to a safe area. 

Columbus Ohio skyline view

Best Places to Live in Ohio - Our Last Words

These are just ten of Ohio's best places to live. There are tons more that are not listed above. No matter what city or town you choose to relocate to in Ohio, they all have much to offer their residents. Living in Ohio provides multiple perks to its residents and visitors. It is a great state to relocate to if you are a young professional, a family, or a retiree.  

Whether you would like to live in a large city with great things to do, or a small suburb, Ohio has many options. Some of the towns in Ohio have even been ranked as being the best or the safest in the area. When moving to a new state, it is important to do your research on specific areas before relocating. 

If you're considering moving to Ohio, please contact us today to connect with a local Real Estate specialist. Working with a Realtor will help your moving process be as smooth as possible.

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