7 Best Beaches Near Pensacola, FL

July 12th, 2023

7 Best Beaches Near Pensacola, FL

Best Beaches Near Pensacola, FL

What are the best beaches near Pensacola, FL? Here are the seven best beaches near Pensacola. 

The "sunshine state" is exceptionally well known for its incredible beaches and year-round warm weather. The beaches in Pensacola are recognized as some of the best beaches in Florida. The city has much to offer with its beaches, beautiful real estate, natural attractions, well-respected national parks, and many fun things to do

The beaches are a must-see as you plan your next trip to Pensacola. Each beach has something unique, from fun restaurants and nightlife to a quiet and calm environment. The only problem you'll encounter is deciding which beach to visit first. Luckily, we have put together the perfect guide for you to learn all you can about Penacola's beautiful beaches. 

No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here in Pensacola. This is, without a doubt, one of the best places to visit or live. There are many important things to know if you are moving to Pensacola, and here we will tell you everything about the best beaches in Pensacola. Keep reading to learn more.

Check out these best beaches near Pensacola

Casino Beach

Also known as Pensacola Beach, Casino Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pensacola. Just one of Pensacola's world-famous sugar-white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. It may be a little popular, but it is well worth the crowds. You can experience all of what the Florida Gulf Coast has to present you. 

One of the most essential parts of Casino Beach is the surplus of free parking, concessions, and restaurants, all at the tip of your fingers. This beach has even been selected as one of TripAdvisor's Top 25 Beaches in the U.S. and the USA Today's Best East Coast Beach. 

The history of Casino Beach goes as far back as 1931, with a brand-new casino that hosted beauty pageants, boxing matches, fireworks, and boat races. The fun-filled spirits still live on today, and you will have the time of your life here at Casino Beach. 

Local Favorites:

Fort Pickens: Enjoy incredible indoor and outdoor recreation, educational opportunities, and nature just a short drive from Casino Beach. 

The Gulf Pier: Facing the sunrise, this pier is perfect for fishing, dolphin-watching, or just enjoying the view of the beautiful coast.

Miles of coastline in Pensacola

Opal Beach

Nestled between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach, Opal Beach is part of the wonderous Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is a must-visit that features marine woodlands, white-sand beaches, clear waters, and the Gulf Coast salt marshes. Opal Beach is also known to have the most clear waters out of any beach in Pensacola. 

The best part of Opal Beach is that it is one of the least crowded beaches in the area. This is a massive plus for anyone looking to avoid crowds and peacefully enjoy their beach day. This means no restaurants or businesses are on the beach, but that will be fine if you want a perfectly calm day there.

There is a small entrance fee required by the Gulf Islands National Seashore, although this is how they keep the area so clean and safe. Feel free to fish, swim, or surf in the warm Florida sun, then enjoy the clean pavilions, bathrooms, and outside showers to wash off before starting your next adventure in Pensacola. 

Local Favorites:

Sunset Harbor Palms Condo Rentals: Walk right out to the beach from your perfect little condo on the bay. 

Miss's Shell Pocket: Try shelling here, find the best shells, and take them home for a delicious meal. 

Beautiful views and eats in Pensacola, Florida

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Join the millions of visitors from all over to see the Gulf Islands National Seashore. There are endless possibilities for fun here at the Gulf Islands, with striking white beaches, fertile marshes, and historical landmarks. You can even find a safe campground to stay the night.

The 120,000 acres of submerged land and open water are well protected so the marine life and unique ecosystems can live on. The land has beautiful beaches, three historical forts, local wetlands, and Naval Life Oaks. Although, don't worry; you can still enjoy tons of outdoor recreation without disturbing the environment. 

This beach is one of the most popular here in Pensacola. You can fish, hike, camp, boat, bird water, and more. There is always something fun to do here at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Local Favorites:

Pensacola Bay City Ferry: Take advantage of the stunning waters on the ferry.

Park Store: Check out the Gulf Islands Park store to get all your merch before you leave.

Dolphin swimming at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Quietwater Beach

Quietwater Beach lives up to its name with its extremely calm, shallow, and safe waters. If you are looking for the perfect beach to take your little ones, this beach is for you. Known as the "mom beach," you'll experience waves from your kids playing in the water around you. 

After you wear your kids out in the sun, put them in the stroller and walk down to the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk, where you can shop, eat, and relax with a much-needed cold beverage. You can even leave the beach to take advantage of the free trolley service or bike to explore the Island away from the sand.

Before you leave for the day, take advantage of the accessible bathrooms, picnic tables, and playground. Check out some local favorites waiting for you to enjoy on your trip.

Local Favorites:

Cafe Nola: Quickly step away from the beach and cool down with a cold beer and delicious gumbo, burger, or seafood. 

Whiskey Joe's: Don't leave the beach to enjoy some of the best seafood on the sand at Whiskey Joe's. 

You're destined to have the best day on Pensacola beaches

Langdon Beach

In Fort Picken National Park, Langdon Beach is the perfect place to visit if you want a fun day in the sun. This beach is known as one of the best swimming beaches on Santa Rosa Island, so grab your goggles and dive in. 

Langdon Beach is within walking distance of the Flort Pickens Campground and has many large loops: the most popular and largest camping area in the Gulf Islands National Seashore. This offers you endless fun on and off the beach. 

Once you arrive, you can use the parking area, bathhouse, picnic pavilion, and outdoor showers. Whether in it for the surf or camping at Fort Pickens, you will have the time of your life at Langdon Beach.

Local Favorites: 

Fort Pickens: This fortress is a must-see for anyone interested in Pensacola's rich history. 

National Naval Aviation Museum: See why Pensacola is known as the "Cradle of Naval Aviation."

Perdido Key Beach

Spanish for "Lost Island," Perdido Key Beach is perfect if you are looking for a beautiful beach but are tired of the crowds. This hidden retreat is where you will find some of the most beautiful, calm waters and white sandy dunes the Gulf Islands National Seashore protects. 

Not only do you get to avoid the crowds out on the beach, but you can enjoy abundant wildlife, fun parks, and a golf course. This beach does have everything for everyone. Nestled along the far western shores of Florida, the barrier Island is well-known for its white-sand dunes and fantastic views of the calm Gulf waters. 

After a long day in the sun, you can enjoy Perdido Key's finest dining. Take a seat and enjoy fresh seafood and Southern hospitality, both with stunning waterfront views. This beach has everything you need and is the perfect place for anyone looking for a safe and calm day in the sun. 

Check out homes for sale in Perdido Key

Local Favorites:

Frisky Boat Tours: Take a break from the sand and board one of the fantastic 2-hour dolphin tours available year-round throughout the day. 

The Flora-Bama Ole River Grill: Enjoy a variety of seafood and classic Southern dishes with waterfront dining on the large outdoor deck. 

Have an amazing night in Pensacola with its fun-filled night-life opportunities.

Navarre Beach

Last but not least is Navarre Beach. With crystal-clear swimming waters, this beach is more than just sand and water. Fun-filled opportunities are abundant for you to enjoy once you get here. Stroll down the Navarre Beach Boardwalk, where you will be presented with gorgeous pier views, fantastic food, and fun activities. 

Named the best beach year after year, residents and visitors can lie on the beach, enjoy a picnic, or bike through one of its many bike paths. The perfect time to visit can vary depending on what's most important to you. The late spring and early summer months are ideal if you're looking for warm weather and outdoor fun. If you want more of a relaxed and cheaper vacation, then fall, and winter are the best.

No matter when you visit, you'll have the best time with the various events and festivals throughout the year. Make sure to check out these local favorites before you plan your trip.

Local Favorites:

Adventures Unlimited: Zip through the local forests, beaches, and rivers on this excellent zipline tour in Navarre Beach.

Juana's Pagodas: Catch up at the end of the day with casual American dishes and cocktails while sitting waterfront with live music and games. 

FAQ: Best Beaches near Pensacola, FL

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best beaches near Pensacola, FL.

What beach has the most transparent water in Pensacola?

Out of all the stunning beaches in Pensacola, the gulf-side beaches are said to have crystal-clear ocean waters. Opal Beach takes the cake with its beautiful powdery white sand and amazingly clear waters. 

What is the least crowded beach in Pensacola?

The Opal Beach Area is the least crowded beach in Pensacola. As it is part of the National Park Service and the Gulf Shores National Seashore, it is one of the less crowded beaches. This makes it one of the best beaches to visit if you want a calming day alone by the water.

Does Pensacola have lovely beaches?

Pensacola is known mainly for its rich military history and gorgeous beaches. It has relaxing, award-winning beaches with fantastic restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, and more. 

What is the mom beach in Pensacola, Florida?

Quietwater Beach sits ideally near the Amphitheater with its calm, clear, and shallow water. It has been known as the "mom beach" for this very reason and is the perfect beach for parents with small children.

Is there a hidden beach in Pensacola, Florida?

Many beaches in Pensacola can get quite crowded, as the city is well-known for its beaches. Luckily, Perdido Key Beach is a beautiful hidden gem where you can finally relax in the sun by reading, fishing, swimming, or surfing. 

Best Beaches in Pensacola, FL - Our Last Words

You can't go wrong with any of Penacola's beautiful beaches. Each has unique opportunities, from excellent restaurants and bars to a fantastic atmosphere and fun-filled activities. After reading this guide, you can determine which beach is perfect for you. 

With the warm atmosphere in Florida almost year-round, you'll be sure to have time to visit every beach till you find your absolute favorite. Pensacola also has an affordable cost of living, unique neighborhoods, restaurants, and so much more. Although, you should be warned that you may be convinced to move after visiting. But don't worry; we have you covered on that, too, with our list of best neighborhoods in Pensacola.

If you want to learn more about Pensacola homes for sale, you can contact one of our Real Estate Specialists to help you search for your home. We have plenty of helpful guides about many cities and states nationwide that will give you all the information you need before you move. Check out Delray Beach as well, as there are many fun things to do

Our team at UpHomes is dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for your budget, family, and lifestyle and giving you all the information you need to know about the area. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, as we are excited to help you with any questions and concerns about real estate if you are moving to Florida. 

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