7 Best Beaches Near Bonita Springs, FL

April 27th, 2023

7 Best Beaches Near Bonita Springs, FL

Best Beaches Near Bonita Springs

Are you looking for the best beaches near or in Bonita Springs, FL? If you are moving or visiting Bonita Springs, make sure to check out these seven best beaches close by. 

The state of Florida is known for its dazzling beaches, warm weather year-round, and charming cities full of some of the best resturants and exciting activities. Located in the southwest part of the state along the Gulf of Mexico, Bonita Springs is considered one of the best cities to live in or visit, offering residents a dense suburban feel with a variety of living options and tons to do. 

The city itself is made up of four barrier islands providing easy access to stunning beaches and beautiful waters. It is no wonder that Bonita Springs remains a top destination for families, young professionals, and retirees, with quiet and serene wildlife areas to its vibrant downtown, complete with some of the best resturants, cafes, and bars to choose from. Known for its long stretches of pristine beaches, scenic wildlife areas, parks, fun and interesting things to do, and much more, there is something to do for everyone here. 

Image of a sandy beach from a boardwalk with palm trees on each side

Along with its sparkling beaches and an overwhelming sense of community, Bonita Springs also attracts people from all over with its quiet and stunning neighborhoods with a variety of different housing styles and designs. Among some of these options are retirement, luxury, and gated communities that are very popular and common with added amenities such as community pools, gymnasiums, and, best of all, private golf courses and beach access. 

Known as a more affluent area with high-income individuals, Bonita Springs's cost of living is higher than other areas and cities, but the many condostownhomes, luxury homes, and single-family houses have a lot to offer with a mix of classic and contemporary design. Before moving or visiting this gorgeous oasis in Florida between Naples and Fort Myers, make sure to add these seven beaches to the top of your list to visit and see. 

Check out these top beaches near Bonita Springs. 

Bonita Beach

Bonita Beach is located right inside the city of Bonita Springs along the west side off of Hickory Blvd and close by a few great hotels and resorts. With a clean, white sandy beach and crystal clear Gulf of Mexico waters, this is a beautiful beach to spend your day. 

Open to the public since 1992; this beach has been a long-time favorite, with public restrooms, picnic shelters with tables and grills, and a sand volleyball court. Open from dawn to dusk and only a 15min drive from downtown, this is an easy location to get to from anywhere in the city as well as find multiple food and drink options after a day out in the sun. 

Two females playing sand volleyball

Parking at Bonita Beach is also very convenient and affordable, with rates being $2 an hour at the reserved parking lot, but some lots surrounding the area not charging at all during certain parts of the year. 

With easy access to the city, beautiful waters and amenities, and easy parking, this is easily one of the best beaches near Bonita Springs, FL. 

Barefoot Beach County Preserve

Barefoot Beach is easily the most popular beach located in Bonita Springs, FL. Located at the end of Barefoot Beach Road off of Bonita Beach Road, you will wind through housing developments and residential areas until you reach this private oasis. 

The beach is known for not only its clean and sparkling sand full of unique shells and stones but also its refreshing waters that are perfect for water activities such as paddle boarding and jet skiing. Known as one of the last undeveloped barrier islands with a beach, learning center, butterfly garden, and walking trails, this spot can easily become an all-day activity. 

When visiting Barefoot Beach, you feel like you are in a private spot, with the area not typically crowded. On many days you will mostly see locals found basking in the sun, looking for gopher turtles and bottle-nosed dolphins in the distance, or swimming in the water. Once finding the beach, parking is also easy and close by with public restrooms, showers, bike racks, and picnic tables. 

With over 342 acres of preserved land, there is a ton of space also to enjoy the wildlife and scenery through the 1-mile walking loop trail. Considered one of the best beaches for families with its smaller waves and shallow waters, Barefoot Beach is great for swimming and bathing in the waters. Feel free to rent lifejackets from the rental center as well as water activity equipment such as canoes, paddle boards, and more. 

Come enjoy this "hidden gem" just minutes away from Bonita Springs mainland and bring the whole family for a day full of exploration and excitement. 

Lovers Key Beach

Lovers Key Beach is perfectly situated between Bonita Springs and Fort Myers, providing easy access from either city. Known for its untarnished two miles of stretching beach along with mangrove forest land, this is a perfect oasis for a romantic getaway or family day out. 

Once a cluster of barrier islands only accessible by boat, this beach has now become a tourist destination and backdrop to many spectacular weddings. Now easily accessible by road with extremely cheap parking rates at only $8 per vehicle instead of by the hour like many of the surrounding areas, this beach is a semi-secret oasis. 

A photo from behind a couple dressed in all white walking in the sand along the water from shoulders down

The beach and state park lands surrounding it are protected and preserved by the state of Florida, making it a true untouched beach with lush plant life and wildlife surrounding it. Not only can you enjoy the beach and wildlife from the land, but one of the fan-favorite activities here is to bring or rent a kayak and paddle through the canals and lagoons, where you will see manatees and fish enjoying the vegetation below. 

Claiming its name from the number of couples using the spot for weddings, honeymoons, and just a lovely vacation spot, you are bound to love Lovers Key Beach. Looking to spend an entire week or weekend here? Make sure to check out some of the best resturants and hotels nearby for a wonderful, well-rounded stay. 

Little Hickory Island Beach Park 

Known as beach access #10, Little Hickory Island Beach Park is a beautiful isolated section of Little Hickory Island with shaded picnic shelters, public restrooms, fishing areas, and of course, a lovely beach complete with short boardwalks leading you to the water. 

Located just north of Bonita Beach off of Estero Blvd, this area is known to have many hotels and resorts surrounding it, with tourists and visitors enjoying the sparkling waters and scenic views. Saltwater fishermen also come to test their luck in the plentiful waters and enjoy basking in the sun with their rods in the ocean and friends nearby. Before fishing, make sure you look over the licensing process and where you can cast your line to ensure no issues, though. 

Being close to many residential areas and a main road, this is also the perfect beach to visit after enjoying food or drinks at one of the wonderful resturants and bars nearby or heading there after a day out on the water. If you are looking for a location with slightly larger waves for boogie boarding or just having the joys of a wave pool, this is also a great spot to check out. 

Vanderbilt Beach

This beach area is known as one of the most family-friendly locations in Naples, FL, due to its public access near many upscale hotels and residential areas with spectacular food and hospitality options as well as lifeguards in some areas. 

Vanderbilt Beach is known as an unincorporated community located in Collier County, and the beach is located nine miles north of the center of Naples, FL. Primarily serving the Naples community as well as visitors staying at the many hotels and resorts nearby, the white sandy beaches and cool waters invite people to enjoy a day in the sun and the sand. 

Photo of a family running on the beach with beach toys

With more than one public beach access along the area, it should be easy to find parking as well as a spot to set up your things to enjoy the day. Some of the amenities at Vanderbilt Beach include public restrooms, foot showers, concessions, a parking garage, bike racks, and a life-jacket loaner program. Great for anyone looking for a quick beach day close by the city. 

Looking to enjoy some delicious food nearby after spending a family day out under the sun? Make sure to check out the best restaurants in Naples, FL as well to ensure the best trip for you and the whole family. 

Big Hickory Beach Preserve

Known as an outdoor lovers' paradise, this beach preserve has sandy beaches along with mangrove swamps, mangrove islands surrounded by oyster beds, and tons of wildlife living on this protected land. 

Located directly south of Lovers Key State Park along the Gulf of Mexico, this beach is also along the Great Calusa Blueway Paddle Trail, with an area to offload kayaks and canoes. Home to not only preserved and protected lands but also animals, including some endangered species such as loggerhead sea turtles and snowy plovers. 

This beach preserve makes you feel as though you have escaped to a tropical paradise with a remote feeling and wildlife surrounding you. More of a private place to be with not as many tourists; you can enjoy the beach access, fishing in the waters, bird watching, kayaking, and canoeing along the swamp lands and along the paddle trail. 

To enjoy this beach, you don't even have to lay out or get in the water either. There are walking trails as well as birdwatching and picnic areas as well if you are just looking for some peace and quiet amongst the natural beauty. 

This a great spot for anyone to come to relax amongst nature at this beautiful beach preserve or get some exercise with some scenery out on the water. 

Bonita Beach Dog Beach

Image of four small dogs posed together on the beach

Want to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and ocean waters with your furry best friend? Bonita Beach Dog Beach is located in Bonita Springs off of Estero Blvd between the waters of New Pass and Estero Bay. 

This sandy beach allows dogs and humans alike to enjoy the shallow waters off-leash and with many others. Known as one of the best dog-friendly beaches, Bonita Dog Beach has free parking along with amenities such as dog showers and public restrooms. 

The beach is not monitored, so keep a close eye on your dog and be aware of the other people and dogs around you. There are also areas along the beach that are utilized for fishing and kayaking and canoe launch areas. 

Before coming to enjoy this exciting beach with your dog and friends or family, please ensure you have enough waste bags and pick up after your pet to keep the beach safe and sanitary as well. 

Close to downtown Bonita Springs and other areas, this is a great place to meet other dog owners in your area or just play in the sun and water with tons of four-legged friends. 

Best Beaches in Bonita Springs-Final Thoughts 

Bonita Springs, FL, is an absolutely gorgeous location to live, with stunning beaches and parks full of various outdoor activities and wildlife, along with challenging golf courses and fun attractions. With the perfect mix of quiet suburban living paired with a vibrant downtown full of restaurants, cafes, bars, and local art culture, this is the perfect spot for anyone. If you can afford to live in this tropical paradise, you are sure to never get bored, and if you do, some of the biggest cities in Florida are only a short drive away. 

If you or anyone you may know is moving to Bonita Springs, FL, make sure to contact us here so that we can get you connected with one of our Realty Specialists. Whether you want to live in the city's heart or in a calm and charming private oasis, we will work with you to find the perfect home. No matter your budget, style preferences, or needs, we will be with you every step of the way. 

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