Top 10 Best Things To Do in Bonita Springs, FL

April 20th, 2023

Top 10 Best Things To Do in Bonita Springs, FL

Best Things to Do in Bonita Springs, FL

Are you looking for the best things to do in Bonita Spring, FL? We got you covered. Take a look at these top ten best things to do in Bonita Springs. 

Bonita Springs is a beautiful city in southwest Florida between Fort Myers and Naples, providing its residents with a dense suburban feel with tons to do and see. Known for its long stretches of pristine beaches, scenic wildlife areas and parks, fun and challenging golf courses, and much more, there is truly something to do for everyone here. 

Considered one of the best places to live in Lee County, Bonita Springs provides you with one of the best living experiences. With some of the best neighborhoods to choose from with a variety of different housing styles and designs along with Florida luxury attachments such as private backyards, home beach access, and high-end amenities, who wouldn't want to live in this oasis?

Made up of four barrier islands, Bonita Springs remains a top destination for families, young professionals, and retirees, with quiet and serene wildlife areas to its vibrant downtown, complete with some of the best resturants, cafes, and bars to choose from. 

Ariel image of Bonita Springs coastline

The cost of living in Bonita Springs is around 13% higher than the national average, with the city known to be a more affluent area. But you really get what you pay for here with larger homes, access to stunning beaches and water activities, to all of the fun and exciting things to do and see. 

If you are thinking about moving to Bonita Springs or just coming for a visit, you should know some of the top things to do here. Let's take a look at ten of the top things to do in Bonita Springs. 

Check out the best things to do in Bonita Springs! 

The Wonder Gardens 

This wonderful attraction of a zoo and garden has been a top spot for residents and visitors since 1936. Located in downtown Bonita Springs, Wonder Gardens is the perfect place for families or individuals to enjoy the diverse gardens and animals while learning through educational talks and interactive activities. 

One of the top family-friendly activities in the city, with over 300 rescued, rehabilitated, and non-released birds and reptiles, and other species, you can learn more about the animals that came from this beautiful area of Florida and discover ones you might not even know exist!

Close up image of Peacock with colorful feathers

Open Monday-Sunday from 10 am-4 pm, you can come to visit whenever you want! Want to visit for free? There are also free days on the first Sunday of the month every month. 

So, after enjoying a nice brunch or before you venture to the beach, come watch and learn about the animals around us at the Wonder Gardens. 

Barefoot Beach 

One of the best-known beaches in Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach, is located on the city's west side on Little Hickory Island, bordering Fish Trapa Bay on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west. 

Residents and visitors alike come to experience the 300 acres of undeveloped beach with crystal white sands and bright blue waters. Unlike many of the larger cities' beaches with large boardwalks, shops, and Ferris wheels, Barefoot Beach is a nature lovers' paradise with no civilization for miles, tropical trees lining the beach, and wild animals enjoying the water with you. 

Getting to Barfoot Beach is also very easy, with ample parking and Hickory Blvd going straight to the location. With restrooms available and only a few food vendors, the beach is remarkably clean and semi-private, with not as much tourism traffic. Many people come to lay out, swim, paddleboard, or even jet-ski here, enjoying the sun's rays and the water cool spray. 

The best time to come to Barefoot Beach is sunset when the skies turn pink and purple over the blue waters. Also, if you are lucky, you might even see the turtle eggs hatch in mid-June to August. 

Bonita Fairways 

Bonita Springs is known for its beautiful beaches and lush landscapes, but also its golf courses and country clubs. With so many courses to choose from as well as most of them being private to members only, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Bonita Fairways is one of the more popular courses due to its cost not being a fortune, but the course still features stunning views and 18 holes of challenges for anyone. 

Located just north of downtown, this Par 61, 3500-yard course is perfect for golfers of all ages and skills. The amenities include a full-size putting green to practice your short game before heading out onto the grass and a cafe serving delicious meals and refreshments. 

Known as one of the few public courses in the area, booking a tee time is surprisingly easy, getting you playing as soon as possible. Enjoy the lakes, impeccable greens, and extremely helpful and friendly staff while playing a game under the Florida sun. 

CREW Hiking Trails & Environmental Area

When most people think of hiking, they think of mountains or lakes. Well, change your typical hiking view with this Everglade area located on the east side of Bonita Springs. 

The CREW Flint Pen Strand Trails are a group of hiking trails that take you through the breathtaking lands of the CREW Wildlife and environmental area. This land is home to hundreds of wildlife species of plants and animals that originated in the Florida swamp lands. 

If not hiking, this area is also known for biking, nature study/photography, birding, running, horseback riding, and more. This preserved area is known as a natural habitat for multiple bird species, including bald eagles, deer, otters, turtles, alligators, and bobcats. 

Image of a dirt hiking trail with everglade trees on each side

A wonderful area to get some exercise while exploring, this is a peaceful and insightful area to escape the chaos of life for a bit and be one with nature. 

Riverside Park 

Known as a center point of the community, this green space holds events, festivals, outdoor movies, and more throughout the year. Located on the scenic Imperial River and at the heart of the city, people come to enjoy the multiple planned activities throughout the year or play recreational games with friends. 

Some of the amenities at the park include a public restroom, an outdoor amphitheater, plenty of covered seating areas, and the location of a historic hotel that now serves as a museum. 

A wonderful spot to relax and enjoy after a long day or take a stroll after grabbing a coffee from Survey Cafe. Make sure to check the website so you don't miss some of the exciting entertainment and events happening here year-round. 

Flamingo Island Flea Market 

Looking for something different to do on the weekend? The Flamingo Island Flea Market is home to over 600 booths of vendors worldwide, from food to vintage clothing and jewelry, to tools and books to sporting equipment and other retail items. 

Unlike any other flea market, there are items both old and new to choose from. While sifting through the many racks and menus, you can also enjoy live music from November to April from local musicians, bands, and songwritters.

Located on the east side of town near the Vasari Country Club and right off of Bonita Beach Rd SE. Come support local vendors and businesses while elevating your closet, accessories, home, or palette. 

Bonita Jetski and Parasail

One of the most exciting, adventurous, and popular things to do in Bonita Springs is water activities such as jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and parasailing. Bonita Jetski and Parasail isn't just a rental company but also provides individuals and groups with guided activities, group events, tours, and more. 

Located in Bonita Beach Park right on the water, you have a ton of activities and options to choose from. Looking to rent equipment? Bonita Jetski and Parasail offer jet skis, sailboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and bike rentals for all sizes and experiences. 

Image of a middle aged man on a jetski with crystal clear blue waters

If you are looking to do something as a group or with a guide, there are also many activities to choose from, including a jet ski dolphin tour, family parasailing, or bringing your entire company out on the water for the day with a corporate event. 

Serving its community and visitors since 1988, this company and activity should be at the top of your list. 

Lovers Key State Park

Located just north of Bonita Springs in Fort Myers, this state park is one of the best in the state of Florida and worth the drive. What once were secluded barrier islands reachable only by boat is now a romantic and relaxing location for many. 

This stunning location of unstained beaches stretching 2 miles, paired with walking nature trails, biking paths, fishing areas, wildlife viewing, and waters that you can swim and paddle in, provide a perfect place to spend the day. 

Lover Key is a top spot on many visitor lists, with free parking, picnic areas, and pavilion, a boat launch, a visitor center, and a shower station. Come enjoy the water, wildlife, or the most beautiful sunset you will ever see at this stunning location. 

Bonita Springs Poker Room

Looking to enjoy the game with beer and bets or challenge others at a game of poker? Bonita Springs Poker Room is an exciting place to be, with a large poker room, taproom, and wagering area. 

Located in south Bonita Springs, come enjoy any sporting event on the many large TV's in the taproom paired with an extensive draft menu and delicious bar food, or try your hand at a table in the poker room.

Want to host a party of your own? This is also a great location for any of your events, from birthday parties and bachelorettes to corporate dinners. Try your luck, or just come to play at the Bonita Springs Poker Room. 

Bonita Nature Place 

Keeping in tune with the beauty that this area provides, the Bonita Nature Place has so much to offer to give you something new to discover or see each time you visit. Located on the east side of the city near the Worthington Country Club, this park provides a local place to relax, hike, see wildlife in its natural habitat, paddle on the Imperial River, and more. 

Although this park is a great place to just walk around and visit, there are also a lot of other things to do and see here. Within the grounds, there is a bee house, bat house, and butterfly garden as well. These animals' habitats are regulated and taken care of by different community partnerships, individuals, and volunteers and are a great area to witness these animals' flourishing. 

Sadly, dogs are not allowed at this park due to the unique animals, such as gopher tortoises, but it is still a peaceful and adventurous place to enjoy a picnic, walk on some of the trails, or just be outside. 

Best Things to Do in Bonita Springs, FL- Final Thoughts 

Bonita Springs, FL, is an absolutely gorgeous location to live, with stunning beaches and parks full of various outdoor activities and wildlife, along with challenging golf courses and fun attractions. With the perfect mix of quiet suburban living paired with a vibrant downtown full of restaurants, cafes, bars, and local art culture, this is the perfect spot for anyone. If you can afford to live in this tropical paradise, you are sure to never get bored, and if you do, some of the biggest cities in Florida are only a short drive away. 

If you or anyone you may know is moving to Bonita Springs, FL, make sure to contact us here so that we can get you connected with one of our Realty Specialists. Whether you want to live in the city's heart or in a calm and charming private oasis, we will work with you to find the perfect home. No matter your budget, style preferences, or needs, we will be with you every step of the way. 

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