7 Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY

October 17th, 2022

7 Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY

7 Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY

Are you searching for the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Check out these seven great places to live!


Brooklyn is a place that continues to attract individuals, whether it be through the excellent food on every corner, beautiful parks and attractions, or live art such as music and comedy. For years people have continued to flock to this beautiful area in search of the city lifestyle without the crazy expenses of living in Manhattan. If you are interested in moving to Brooklyn, you should check out these seven best neighborhoods!



Here are the seven top-rated neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY!


Williamsburg is well-known around the country for its gentrification. The area went from factory to fancy over the years and is now a trendy neighborhood full of life from its local boutiques, cafes, art galleries, and unique restaurants. It is also located right over the bridge from Manhattan, making it an easy 30-35 minute commute into the city for any commuter or individual wanting to travel between the two. The party never stops in Williamsburg, with some of the best nightclubs in this area of Brooklyn and known as the hipster capital.

The landscape of this neighborhood is lined with repurposed factories turned trendy and street artists turning many blocks into their galleries, drawing many young professionals and artists of all mediums with its vibrant atmosphere. Being located right off the river between Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Williamsburg waterfront also showcases a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline while being a host of many outdoor concerts and food vendors during the different seasons.

Local Favorites:

  • Domino Park - Right near the Williamsburg bridge along the East River, this 5-acre public park is the perfect place to spend some time outdoors. Home to what used to be the Domino Sugar Refinery site is now a beautiful riverside walk with volleyball courts, a playground, and large park areas to lay out or do some waterside yoga. You can still see some of the old factory equipment displayed when you walk along the paved path.
  • Brooklyn Bowl - A music venue, bowling alley, and restaurant are all wrapped. This venue hosts many musical acts year-round and is known for its high-tech green construction. In 2013 Rolling Stone named the Brooklyn Bowl the 20th-best music club in the United States.
  • McCarren Park - This beautiful public park is between Greenpoint and Williamsburg and contains fields and courts for various recreational activities such as softball, volleyball, soccer, handball, and more. It is also an excellent area to lay out or walk your dog away from the bustling streets. The biggest attraction to this park is the free public pool, which is open from 11 am-7 pm daily during the warmer seasons.
  • Brooklyn Art Library - Home to the world's most extensive collection of artists' sketchbooks and the non-profit organization of The Sketchbook Project, the Brooklyn Library is an inspiring place to visit. To share human stories and create a time capsule of individuals' creative thoughts, it's hard not to become intrigued and spend some time inspired by others' creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Brooklyn Brewery - Who doesn't love craft beer? Located in the middle of the nightlife scene of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Brewery was one of the first post-prohibition craft breweries in 1988. Along with their long list of year-round and seasonal beers, they also have their tasting room and company store to get a t-shirt to go.

Buildings in Brooklyn, NY near the waterfront


Carroll Gardens

Everyone knows of Little Itay in Manhattan, but not many know that Carroll Gardens is also known for its Italian-American roots. This area of Brooklyn contains many Italian restaurants, cafes, shops, and more, lining its historic streets. Home to many young families and mobile professionals, it's hard not to fall in love with the streets of this neighborhood lined with brownstone buildings and tons of greenery.

Carroll Gardens is located in the northwestern portion of Brooklyn and is about a 45min train ride to Manhattan. The neighborhood has a charming old-style feel with its beautiful churches and authentic businesses mixed in with some of the newer establishments. If you walk down Court Street, you will find anything you are looking for and might feel like you are stepping into a small part of Italy.

Local Favorites:

  • Court Street - This street runs from Red Hook to Borough Hall and is full of shops, restaurants, bars, and beautiful views. The best sandwich shop in Brooklyn is also located on this street inside Court Street Grocers. But only go if you are patient because the line is usually quite long.

  • Gowanus Canal - Just like riding a gondola in Venice… except a canoe in an urban waterway. Although the Gowanus Canal isn't quite like Venice, you can still enjoy the beautiful views from a calming canoe ride. I wouldn't recommend jumping in the water for a swim; unfortunately, the water is polluted and not a great place to dive.

  • Yesterday's News - If you are in the shopping mood but want to find something vintage, this is the perfect place. This store is full of vintage clothes, vinyl, old magazines, forgotten books, antique furniture, and postcards you can't find anywhere else. You go back in time through the shelves here.

  • Caroll Park - This park is one of the oldest in Brooklyn. You can expect locals to practice Tai Chi or shoot hoops as you stroll along the paved pathways. This park is also a children's paradise with animal sculptures, water sprayers, and large areas to run around or play kickball.

  • Clover Club - This craft cocktail bar has a very relaxed atmosphere, log-burning fireplaces, and wonderfully elegant drinks. Their famous Clover Club cocktail is a must-try, mimicking a whiskey sour but with gin instead.

Street art in Brooklyn, NY



Home to many warehouses converted into art studios and artisanal coffee shops, Bushwick continues to become a very edgy and popular neighborhood for artists and young professionals to move to. Known for its street art painted by local artists and repainted year round and quirky and extravagant nightclubs, this area is always full of color.

Located in northern Brooklyn and a 40-minute train ride to Manhattan, this neighborhood is full of art. Walking down the streets, you can expect cutting-edge fashion dropped on all locals and new busy eateries and cafes. Bushwick is also known for supporting the LGBTQ community and has many gay clubs and drag shows, making pride month all the more fun in this area.

Local Favorites:

  • House of Yes - This performance-based nightclub will make you feel like you are stepping into a different world when you enter its doors. Truly a destination for creative individuals or anyone looking for a huge dance party with live performers as entertainment and exceptional DJs.
  • Urban jungle Vintage - This enormous thrift store is truly the place to find anything you are looking for with its vast selection and low prices. Known as the vintage mecca of New York, you could spend multiple hours trying on clothes and perusing the clothing racks here.
  • Bushwick Collective Murals - This street art gallery showcases many artists along its 100-block radius, making it easy to forget where the time goes. You can walk the walls and galleries on your own or take a guided tour that helps tell you about each artist as you view their work.
  • Bushwick Beer Garden - This all-outdoor pop-up beer garden aims to celebrate art, food, and beer. Walking into this 10,000-square-foot venue, you immediately notice the large-scale murals and graffiti-style art on frames and canvas covering the walls. This local feel is also spread into the menu of beers, serving only Brooklyn-made beer and ciders.
  • Molasses Books - Are you someone who likes to curl up with a good book? This former barbershop turned bookstore has a small cafe and rows of books to choose from. If you aren't interested in a new hardcover, they have a collection of dollar books outside of the store as well to look through. A typical draw to this bookstore is its impressive selection of pulp classics.

Prospect Heights

This neighborhood attracts a diverse community of people close to many of the most famous attractions of Brooklyn, such as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Museum, and Barclays Center. Ranked one of the top neighborhoods in New York as well as one of the safest, Prospect Heights is a beautiful area to live in. The site is a mix of brownstones and luxury condos and is known as the melting pot of historical and modern, with craft cocktail bars and new hip eateries mixed with historical landmarks and large parks.

They are nestled in the northwest part of Brooklyn, and many tourists flocks to this area, which is only a 45-minute train ride from Manhattan. But, the individuals here enjoy an urban feel and live close to anything they might need!

Local Favorites:

  • Prospect Park - The Central park of Brooklyn, spanning 585 acres, is known for its outdoor concerts, lawn movie screenings, 60-acre lake, dog park, horseback riding trails, playgrounds, and beautiful boathouse, and it hosts many events and weddings.
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden - A stunning garden that holds 14,000 plants and has over 1 million visitors a year. Enjoy a walk through all the plants and flowers and even enjoy a plant-based bite to eat at the Yellow Magnolia Cafe.
  • Brooklyn Museum - If you are looking for a free indoor activity on the first Saturday of the month, you can peruse the 500,000 objects in the second-largest museum in New York! This museum is known for its collections of Egyptian and African art and has rotating exhibits throughout the year.
  • Barclays Center - This multi-purpose indoor arena is home to the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty basketball teams but also holds concerts, championship boxing, and many other events.
  • Brooklyn Central Library - This library is the 16th most extensive public library system and seventh by the number of visitors. Some individuals come just for its fantastic architecture, showing a sizeable gold-encrusted entrance, large bookshelves, and reading areas.

Brownstones in Brooklyn, NY


This neighborhood, commonly called Bed-Stuy, has been the center of African-American culture since the 20th century and was home to many celebrities such as Jay-Z and Jackie Robinson. These streets showcase many townhomes and diverse dining ranging from french bistros to Caribbean fare. From one of the most dangerous areas in Brooklyn and home to hip-hop, Bed-Stuy has done 180 of its demographic and culture. But, you can still hear music's influences in this area through the live jazz music playing in local restaurants and bars, keeping the love of improv and artistic expression accurate.

Located in the northern part of Brooklyn and only a 35-40 minute train ride into Manhattan, this area full of live music, cozy bars, and diverse food options has started to gravitate many people to move there. Rated one of the top 20 most gentrified areas in the U.S. and the largest neighborhood in Brooklyn, this area is now considered peaceful and displays beautiful Victorian architecture.

Local Favorites:

  • Sankofa Aban Bed & Breakfast - This 1880s Brownstone Townhome hosts six guest rooms, including a bridal suite. Feel free to stay here for a beautiful getaway or join BROWNSTONE JAZZ to watch live musical performances and open-mic sessions.
  • Kosciuszko Pool - This seasonal public pool has two pools, one Olympic-sized pool for swimming laps and the other for wading. Built-in 1971, this long-standing pool is excellent for cooling off for the day or getting some exercise with some laps.
  • The Billie Holiday Theatre - This 218-seat theatre is one of the only ones remaining from the civil rights movement. Home to many artists such as Lena Horne, Jay-Z, Max Roach, and more, it aims to promote black voices and artistic expression.
  • The Bedford Stuyvesant Museum of African Art - A not-for-profit arts organization that aims to provide an enriching educational experience for its community. This museum showcases a unique collection of artwork from 40 African countries.


Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn. It draws from its Polish-American roots, showcasing many traditional Polish restaurants, shops, and churches mixed in with some of the newer hip eateries and bars. This area went from a quiet neighborhood to a location filled with contemporary high-rises and rooftop bars showcasing the beautiful views of Manhattan.


Located right off of the East River, this neighborhood's waterfront has beautiful views of the New York skyline and parks lining its west side. This commuter's paradise is known for its easy commute via train or ferry.

Local Favorites:

  • Limitless AI - This multidisciplinary art exhibit showcases the relationship between architecture, art, science, technology, and new media arts through a 360 experience. Enjoy this hour-long experience of art coming to life through stunning visuals and sensory experience.
  • Sunshine Laundromat - Want to act like a local and enter a fun speakeasy hidden inside a laundromat? Well, look no further! Not only can you get a load of laundry done here, but you can also pass right through to the arcade, art museum, and bar! You would walk past this place and never know what it hides.

  • Brooklyn Barge - Want to enjoy food and drinks on the water? This floating cocktail bar and grill is a beautiful seasonal place to visit. Being completely outdoors, definitely check the weather first, but on a nice day, you can enjoy some great food with a view.

  • Kingsland Wildflower - Do you have a green thumb? This beautiful rooftop conservation center results from partnerships between local businesses and community organizations committed to environmental sustainability and community development. Stroll through this beautiful oasis full of native birds, insects, plants, and natural habitats.

  • Skyline Drive-In - Want to go back in time and enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car? This stunning drive-in theatre is on the East River waterfront with a giant movie screen and the Manhattan skyline behind it. Don't have a car? No worries! Lawn seating is also available for anyone in the city to enjoy the experience.

Park Slope

With this neighborhood lined with trees and brownstones, it's easy to forget the hustle and bustle of the city around you. Known for its open-minded community of families and young professionals, it's easy to relax and enjoy this neighborhood. The area's businesses continue this laid-back feel with relaxing bars, indie boutiques, and casual restaurants.

Located in northwest Brooklyn, this neighborhood is just a short distance from Prospect Park, where you can enjoy outdoor concerts and activities. If you are looking for a more vibrant area, you can also walk down 5th avenue, the hot shopping street.

The Brooklyn Bridge on a cloudy day with the American flag

Local Favorites:

  • Not Just Chocolate - This chocolate shop is unlike any other; with its life-like, completely edible chocolate sculptures, it is a place to visit even if you are not a chocolate lover. This family-owned business molds premium chocolate into masterpieces you can enjoy looking at and eating!
  • Green-Wood Cemetery - Founded in 1838 and the site of the Battle of Long Island during the revolutionary war, Green-Wood is a National Historic Landmark and was one of the first rural cemeteries in America. An eerily beautiful place to visit with carriage rides and historic sculpture viewing, it is a peaceful way to recognize the history and memorialize the people who lived before us.
  • Union Hall - This bar/lounge feels like you are walking into a library with books lining the shelves and large leather seats. But don't confuse it with a quiet space; there are also two bocce courts and a basement performance space booked out with live performances.
  • Nitehawk Cinema - This small independent cinema offers digital and 35mm films with an in-seat table and drink service. This theatre aims to enhance your movie-watching experience by providing a special menu with fresh, local ingredients inspired by the presented films.

Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY - Final thoughts

Brooklyn has wonderful neighborhoods that showcase the architecture and culture of the people there. Before buying your own home in this beautiful New York City borough, reach out to one of our knowledgeable and experienced Realty Specialists to aid and guide you through the home-buying process. No matter your budget, our team is here to help. Contact us today to find a home for you in Brooklyn, New York!

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