7 Best Neighborhoods in The Bronx, NY

October 17th, 2022

7 Best Neighborhoods in The Bronx, NY

Best Places to Live in The Bronx

Are you searching for the best neighborhoods in The Bronx? Check out these seven great places to live!

The Bronx is one of the five New York City boroughs located in the northernmost part of the city. Known for being the home to the Yankees Stadium, Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, and 1,700 parks, this borough is a great place to live.

Home to 1.427 million people, this borough is a great place for many individuals and families who commute into the city for work or want a more affordable option while still living in New York City. The population here comprises over 43% African Americans, 54% Hispanic, 45.8% white, 4% Asian, 3% Native American, and 3% mixed race, making it a very diverse area with many different backgrounds.

The Bronx's shining glory is its hip-Hop & Rap scene, with many famous artists such as Cardi B, J Lo, French Montana, and many more rising against the violence that used to be prominent in this borough and making it to the big leagues and labels. Although the Bronx still holds a central place in the uprising of R&B and Hip-Hop, the violence and gang culture are not as prominent in today's Bronx. Many parts are now gentrified, and new housing complexes and restaurants/bars are placed in the many neighborhoods that make up this unique borough today.

So if you are moving to The Bronx, read about the seven best neighborhoods in the Bronx below and decide which is the best for you before making this New York City borough your new home.

Check out these top places to live in The Bronx!


For multiple reasons, Riverdale is considered one of the best neighborhoods in the northwestern part of The Bronx. Firstly, Riverdale is the safest neighborhood in the entire borough and is home to many families and retirees. The College of Mount Saint Vincent is also located here, attracting college students to the area to bring some buzz to this otherwise charming neighborhood.

Riverdale is home to many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hiking trails, and beautiful lush parks. Its education system is also top-notch, with great Roman Catholic colleges and three private schools that are part of the Ivy Preparatory School League: Horace Mann, Riverdale Country, and Fieldston. If you want a quiet neighborhood where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air but have easy access to other parts of the city, Riverdale is for you!

Check out these local favorites below to see what you can do in Riverdale.

Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx with a blue and pink sunset

Local Favorites:

  • Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center - A stunning 28-acre public garden and cultural center with breathtaking views along the slopes overlooking the Hudson River. With lovely flower gardens, an alpine house, greenhouses, and a cultural center, this is a beautiful place to visit in Riverdale to enjoy some fresh air amongst the flowers or set up a picnic with scenic views.
  • Henry Hudson Park - This relatively small park is a Riverdale favorite! Named after the explorer Henry Hudson, the main monument of the park is a giant statue of the explorer himself standing tall on top of a large column. Within the park, you can learn Henry Hudson's history and the monument that took almost 30 years to construct! There is also a playground, spray park, basketball courts, handball courts, and a baseball diamond to enjoy.
  • Van Cortlandt Park - Did you know that this park in the Bronx is larger than the famous Central Park in Manhattan? Well, it's true! This park boasts 1,146 acres of a beautiful landscape with hiking trails, fishing lakes, recreational courts, eateries, horseback riding trails, skate parks, playgrounds, running tracks, and the oldest public golf course.


Located in the northeast part of The Bronx, Baychester is known for its urban living with a family-friendly atmosphere. With a large mall, many green spaces, the Section 4 basketball courts, and a good school district, this is a great neighborhood to raise a family.

Baychester is also conveniently located near the five trains and I-95 for easy and convenient transportation within the Bronx or other parts of the city. If you want a neighborhood with something for the whole family to enjoy, Baychester is for you!

Check out the best things to do and try in Baychester below.

Local Favorites:

  • The Mall at Bay Plaza - New York City's largest shopping center with three stories of dining, retail, a fitness club, and a multiplex movie theater. Find some deals on retail items you have been looking for, or enjoy walking around with friends!
  • Haffen Park - This city park is known for its outdoor pool open during the warmer months for the whole family to enjoy. The park also has playing fields, running paths, sports courts, and a playground to enjoy.
  • Section 4 Basketball Courts - This large caged-in basketball court is well maintained with court flooring and open to the public. There are also camps and after-school programs offered to kids interested in learning more about basketball or wanting to perfect their skills. Bring some friends to play one-on-one or take on another team in a full-court game.

Randalls Island aerial view of streets and buildings

Mott Haven

Located in the southwestern part of The Bronx and outlined on its west side by the Harlem River, Mott Haven is primarily known as a residential area with parks, restaurants, and an art scene. This neighborhood is densely populated, with 26 primary and secondary schools and a population of 52,413 people.

The residents here are primarily Hispanic/Latino, and housing is decently affordable, with median rent being around $2,300. Although this area is known for its past of crime, the neighborhood has slowly been gentrified over the past years with new housing developments and people moving to the site with its easy commute to Manhattan.

Mott Haven is directly across the water from Manhattan, with easy access to the city from its five connecting bridges and many bus routes. Residents also enjoy access to Randall's Island, where music festivals, sports venues, cultural events, and bike/walking paths exist.

Check out the places to visit in this Bronx neighborhood below!

Local Favorites:

  • Randall's Island - Located between Manhattan and the Bronx, this Island is best known for hosting three of the largest music festivals in the city: Governors Ball, Electric Zoo, and Panorama Music. There are also many sports courts, paved paths, open green spaces, and more to enjoy on this New York City Island.
  • The Lit. Bar - This black-owned and woman-owned bar/ bookstore is a crowned jewel in Mott Haven. It is currently the only indie bookstore in the Bronx and is part bookstore, part wine bar. Sip a glass of wine while reading your favorite book, or maybe discover a new one.
  • Wallworks - Explore the Bronx's art scene at this contemporary art gallery. This gallery showcases emerging and existing artists from New York City.

Morris Park

This neighborhood, located in the northeastern part of The Bronx, Morris Park, is known to be one of the safest in the borough, with a diverse demographic of people. It is not rare to see people out on the streets walking or biking with friends and children playing on some of the multiple playgrounds throughout this family neighborhood.

Many young professionals also live here, with many ethnic food options, bars, parks, and attractions nearby. Due to the large amounts of tourism coming to this area for the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden, transportation to and from Manhattan from Morris Park is accessible and easy to utilize.

Not only is this neighborhood safe, but there are also some of the best schools in the Bronx serving its community. The Bronx School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, Townsend Harris High School, and many more are top ranted schools with reasonable passing rates and testing scores.

Check out the list below to see some fun things to explore in this charming neighborhood.

Beautiful lion at The Bronx Zoo

Local Favorites:

  • The Bronx Zoo - One of the largest zoos in the United States, this 265-acre zoo holds 6,000 species behind its gates. With almost 14 different exhibits showcasing and educating people about animals from all over the world, you can easily spend a whole day here.
  • New York Botanical Garden - This garden sits inside the Bronx Park near the zoo with its own 250 acres of lush gardens full of flowers and herbs. Enjoy one of the many events held here, or stroll amongst the wonderous gardens at your leisure.
  • St. Theresa Feast - This summer feast happens every year in the Bronx, featuring live music, entertainment, food, amusements, and rides. Hosted in the Bronx's own little Italy, this religious ceremony can be enjoyed by anyone in the area.


This neighborhood, located in the central part of The Bronx, was initially Catholic protection for homeless and troubled children. But, in the 1930s, this land was purchased by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and was built to become its middle-class city. Now, this quiet neighborhood boasts residential buildings that rise seven to fifteen stories with a large metropolitan area full of restaurants, bars, cafes, libraries, and stores for the community to enjoy and easily access.

Still in Parkchester today, many new apartment complexes and stores are being built in this growing neighborhood. Due to its close community, many families and young choose to live here with easy access to everything, including transportation.

Check out the things to do and try in this neighborhood!

Local Favorites:

  • Bronx Unionport Parchester Park - This park holds at its center a large fountain with a statue of men riding a large fish; funny the way it sounds but lit up is beautiful. During the spring, you can see bright flowers bloom around the grounds and live music events being held on the small stage.
  • Parkchester Shopping Area - This area of the neighborhood has a large Macey's, Marshalls, Rainbow Shops, Starbucks, Blink Fitness, and more to find good deals or get a workout in!
  • Taqueria Tlaxcalli -This Mexican restaurant is a hidden gem in the neighborhood. It is the spot to go with reasonably priced food that makes your mouth water and giant margaritas.

Throgs Neck

This neighborhood is located on the peninsula in the southeastern borough. It is known to be a very safe, family-friendly neighborhood with water on all three sides and fantastic waterfront views. It is perfect for those wanting a nice spot to walk with their kids, ride bikes along the streets, have plenty of parklands to enjoy, and have excellent schools and churches to choose from.

The Throgs Neck suspension bridge towers over the neighborhood, having six lanes of the interstate on it connecting the Bronx with Queens. Individuals who need a quick commute to Queens with stunning waterfront views from their home at an affordable price find the convenience of living in Throgs Neck, a wonderful getaway.

Not only do the people who live here enjoy the parks and beautiful things the neighborhood offers, but others flock here to enjoy golf with a stunning view or learn about some of the Bronx histories at Fort Schuyler.

With so many beautiful parks and things to see, check out this list to find out what you want to start with in Throgs Neck, Bronx.

golf ball sitting next to the hole on a golf course green

Local Favorites:

  • Trump Golf Links - This 18-hole course owned by former president Trump is a public course with stunning views over the water. It is common to see people taking helicopters to play on the system.
  • Ferry Point Park - A beautiful park on the peninsula, sitting right on top of the East River. The park holds large fields of grass, walking paths along the water, multiple recreational sports courts, dog-friendly areas, Barbeques, and a public golf course inspired by the rolling hills of Scotland.
  • Fort Schuyler - This coastal defense fort was built in 1833 and now houses a museum, library, and administrative offices for the State University of New York Maritime College.

Country Club

Located in the east part of The Bronx, this neighborhood is known to be a prominently white area with a sizeable Italian population. Although small, Country Club is located conveniently right near I-95 as well as Throgs Neck Bridge, making it easy to get to other boroughs if needed.

Located right along the water on its east side, there are great views from areas such as Pelham Bay, and the site is considered safe and lively. Many families live here due to the beautiful views, parks, easy access to stores, good transportation, and the relaxing Orchard Beach.

Although small, this neighborhood is a great place to visit or make your new home. Check out some local favorites below!

Local Favorites:

  • Pelham Bay Park - More than 3x Central Park's size, this waterfront park has an endless list of things to enjoy. Visitors enjoy bike/running paths, hiking trails, Orchard Beach, the Bartow-Pell Mansion, two golf courses, and multiple sporting centers and playgrounds.
  • Barino's Market - This Italian market is an experience in itself. People around the neighborhood come here to get fresh deli meats, cheeses, signature sandwiches, and much more.
  • Orchard Beach - This public sand beach in Pelham Bay offers areas to lay out and enjoy the water, eateries, playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, and water activities for the whole family.

Best Neighborhoods in The Bronx, NY- Final Thoughts

The Bronx is a great place to live in New York City for individuals or families trying to find affordable housing and a quieter lifestyle. With attractions such as the Bronx Zoo to visit, baseball games with hundreds of fans to cheer on the Yankees, and beautiful parks everywhere to get some fresh air, The Bronx could be your next home.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful single-family home for the whole family or an apartment for yourself, reach out to one of our knowledgeable and experienced Realty Specialists to aid and guide you through the home-buying process. Contact us today so we can help you find your new home in one of these great neighborhoods to live in, in the Bronx, NY.

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