9 Things To Do in Marco Island, FL

June 27th, 2023

9 Things To Do in Marco Island, FL

Fun Things To Do in Marco Island

Are you looking for fun things to do throughout Marco Island? Keep reading as we discuss some of the local's favorite activities and things to do in Marco Island, Florida.

When moving to a new area, it can be quite intimidating. This guide is here to help you understand what the locals and visitors love to do. Marco Island is a highly desired place to reside and visit. There are tons of different kinds of family-friendly activities located all over this Island. 

Marco Island is the largest of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands and is home so some of the most beautiful beaches. People describe Marco Island as magical and alluring, constantly bringing in countless visitors and new residents. The Island is known for its expensive cost of living, white sandy beaches, casual lifestyle, fresh seafood, and amazing real estate.

Even though this Island is one of the largest, it is only six miles by four miles in size. It is linked to the mainland by two bridges making it easily accessible. Marco Island currently has a permanent resident count of around 16,000, but during the peak winter season, they have a population of around 40,000. Overall, Marco Island is a great place to move to.

Keep reading along as we discuss some of the fun things to do in Marco Island, Florida.

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Here are the nine top things to do in Marco Island.

Tigertail Beach

When living in Marco Island, or visiting, spending the day at the beach is usually everyone's go-to activity during the day. Because Florida weather is typically fairly hot, spending the day sunbathing, building sand castles, and swimming in the calm, crystal-clear ocean is a fun activity.

Tigertail is one of the best beaches in southwest Florida. According to locals, the beach was named Tigertail because it was inhabited by the Seminoles back in the day. One of the native Florida Seminole leaders was given the nickname Tigertail by U.S. Army soldiers because of the long strip of panther skin that would hang from his waist daily.

Tigertail Beach is split into two different sections because of the tide-driven lagoon. The inner beach area has a calm lagoon where you can swim, paddleboard, or even kayak. This lagoon is excellent for small children and is also an ideal spot to go fishing. 

The outer beach is known as Sand Dollar Island, which is the main part of the beach. It is great for shelling, birdwatching, and simply relaxing on the soft white sand. It is considered one of the prettiest beaches on Marco Island. 

Marco Island Historical Museum

Because tribes inhabited Marco Island before it ever became an established city, the whole town is full of history. You would be pretty surprised by the amount of history that is hidden throughout the Island. If you would like to learn more about the history of Marco Island, you should visit Marco Island Historical Museum.

The exhibits within this museum include interesting facts about the Calusa Indians and the history of how Marco Island was developed. The Marco Island Historical Society operates this museum. There are tons of significant artifacts located in this building. They even have the world-famous Key Marco Cat that was found over 100 years ago. It is one of the finest examples of Pre-Columbian art ever discovered in North America.

This museum is free for everyone, so be sure to check it out and learn more about the beautiful Island. 

Marco Golf and Garden

Marco Golf and Garden is a great attraction if you are looking for a family-friendly activity to enjoy in Marco Island. This destination is a mini golf course and is open daily from 10 am until 9 pm. General Admission is $13 per person; however, if you are a senior, veteran, or under ten years of age, the admission is only $10. Children under five are free with one other adult. 

This miniature golf course is very well-maintained and has some of the most beautiful greenery throughout the 18-hole course. Locals consider it to be one of the prettiest mini-golf courses they have ever seen. 

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Another great thing to do when on Marco Island is to visit some of the fantastic dining destinations throughout the Island. Marco Island is known to have some of the best cuisine, especially when it comes to seafood. Most of the restaurants throughout Marco Island get their seafood daily from local fishermen throughout the Island. 

Another great thing about the restaurants in Marco Island, Florida, is that there are a variety of cuisines to decipher from. This city has everything whether you are craving Italian, Chinese, or an excellent ol' burger. Here are some of the best restaurants in Marco Island, Florida.

  • CJ's on the Bay: This is a popular restaurant in Marco Island that serves classic American seafood with the most amazing water views.
  • Marco Prime Steak and Seafood Restaurant: This upscale eatery offers steak and seafood dishes with a modern twist in a relaxed environment with soft lighting and rustic finishes. It has also been voted one of the best restaurants on Marco Island.
  • The SpeakEasy: This restaurant is inspired by the Prohibition Era. It has incredible waterfront views with outdoor seating and serves traditional Chicago fare.
  • Sale e Pepe: This is an elegant dining destination that offers refined, made-from-scratch Southern Italian cuisine and an extensive selection of wine. 
  • The Oyster Society: This restaurant serves high-end seafood and has a raw bar. They also have fine wines and a variety of cocktails. 

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Beach Bars

The only thing that is better than a regular local bar is a local beach bar. Whether you enjoy drinking a handmade frozen cocktail, or an ice-cold beer, the beach bars in Marco Island have both. These bars are welcoming and offer a delicious selection of different kinds of drinks. Visiting a beach bar in Marco Island is a great way to relax after a long, busy day. Or to simply go with your friends and family for an afternoon beverage.

Here are some of the best beach bars in Marco Island, Florida.

  • Goodland: 
  • Stan's Idle Hour: This unique establishment is only open on Sunday, 11 am until 6:30 pm. It is a waterfront seafood restaurant with a festive vibe. There are tons of outdoor seating and also fun, upbeat live music. Stan's Idle Hour is known to be the best spot for "Sunday Funday." 
  • Little Bar: This bar and restaurant is a low-key oceanside eatery that serves cold beer and delicious cocktails. It is open every night until midnight, except on Sunday. 
  • Capri Fish House: This restaurant is known for its beachside tiki hut. This is the perfect place to go in the evening and enjoy a cold cocktail by the ocean. They also serve American cuisine and seafood.
  • Kane's Tiki Bar and Grill: This destination is a breezy hotel tiki bar that serves diverse Asian food and a vast selection of rum. You can come here and enjoy a cocktail while experiencing insane views of the ocean. 

Marco Island Farmer's Market

Shopping at local farmer's markets is a great way to give back to the community while also socializing with friends and neighbors. Visit Marco Island Farmer's Market to shop locally and support local farmers, bakers, roasters, butchers, and more. Shopping at a local market ensures that your products and goods will be fresh and homemade.

This market is located at Veterans Community Park and is seasonal. Not only will you get to shop for vegetables, fruits, baked goods, condiments, meats, flowers, and more, but you can also enjoy the live music that sets a great mood. 

This particular farmers market is open in November all the way through April. Visit the market every Wednesday within its season to enjoy the local vendors that participate. 

Everglades National Park

Marco Island is the gateway to the Florida Everglades. When trying to decide what to do on a nice day in Marco Island, the first thing that should come to mind is the Everglades. This park is only thirty minutes from Marco Island.

There are plenty of ways to explore the Everglades. You can start by seeing the park from  Route 41 while driving past it. You can also walk along the walking trails and boardwalks through the park that takes you deeper into the swamp. Another thing you can do is paddle through the Everglades to take in its beauty and wonders truly.

The most popular way to explore the Everglades National Park is by taking an airboat tour through mangrove tunnels and the wet grasslands to seek out alligators. This tour allows you to be safe while truly exploring the ins and outs of the swamps and grasslands.

everglades water marsh swamp alligators

Otter Mound Preserve

Otter Mound Preserve may be referred to as 'Indian Hills.' This preserve is relatively small, with it only being a little less than three acres. You and your peers can explore this preserve by enjoying the short trail loop through a rare maritime hammock plant community. This plant community includes amazing gumbo limbo trees.

Because this preserve is centuries old, it has a super rich archaeological history. The Otter Mound Preserve is known to attract an abundance of butterflies and different kinds of birds. It is also home to a population of Florida gopher tortoises. When visiting this preserve, you can expect to see tons of wildlife. 

Contrary to its name, you will not see Otters at the preserve. This preserve is a great place to visit if you love nature or want to walk around beautiful plants leisurely. 

Kayak to Unimhabted Islands

You can experience this unique adventure with your friends and family in Marco Island, FL. Located on the southern end of Marco Island, you will find Caxambas Pass Park. This park is a small, 4-acre park where you can enjoy a picnic and relax. Caxambas Pass Park is popular with those who enjoy boating. When at the park, you will see a handful of fishing boats, sailboats, and day cruisers go by to get to the Gulf of Mexico.

A great thing about this park is that it is popular for people to visit and go kayaking. You can kayak from Caxambas Pass to Dickman's Island. You can also kayak to a handful of other deserted islands that are nearby. Dickman's Island is the perfect spot to go to explore the unique variety of shells that are located on the Island. 

Sometimes, you may even get to experience kayaking with dolphins. 

Marco island beach Gulf of Mexico sand ocean

Fun Things To Do in Marco Island, FL - Our Last Words

There is so much to learn about Marco Island. It is hard to explore it all in a singular day. Not only is the Island rich in history, but there are also a variety of unique things to do throughout the city. Most of these activities are family-friendly, so bring your children and go explore.

We hope this guide helped you better understand the wonders of the Island and why people love moving here and visiting. It is a great place not only to visit but to live. There is an abundance of things to do; you will never get bored. Marco Island has tons of beach access and options, so if you are a beach lover, this city is the perfect place for you.

If you are considering relocating to Marco Island, Florida, contact us here to get connected with a local Real Estate professional for further guidance with the buying and selling process in the area.

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