7 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Detroit, MI

July 12th, 2023

7 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Detroit, MI

Best Places to Live in Detroit 

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Detroit? Check out these seven great places to live in Detroit, Michigan!

Looking to move to the motor city? Well, you are in the right place. Detroit overall is a very unique place and unlike others, with beautiful homes for sale and fun things to do for everyone to enjoy. This metropolitan area is located below the thumb on the mitt of Michigan and is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan.

The City of Detroit anchors the third-largest regional economy in the Midwest and is the best-known center of the U.S. automobile industry, and the "Big Three" auto manufacturers General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are all headquartered in the Metro area of the city. So, if you are looking to be in the heart of it all, moving to Detroit may be the perfect place for you.

Detroit is home to a various mix of ethnic backgrounds and is known as one of the biggest melting pots. The overall population here is about 639,111, and it is known to be the 27th most populous city in the United States. Every area of this city is different, so let's see what neighborhood fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Keep reading to learn about the best neighborhoods to live in Detroit, Michigan. 

Here are the seven best places to live in Detroit, MI.


Midtown is home to Wayne State University and is known for its cutting-edge galleries, laid-back brunch spots, and dance clubs. This neighborhood is located right outside the downtown area but is also a place where people say they feel safe. This area is a general mix-use community that has many different developments coming in. This neighborhood has been developed over years of collaboration and dedication from area citizens and community stakeholders and has a unique character, unlike others.

Downtown Detroit MI

Midtown is also home to Detrioit's top medical campuses, significant arts and culture establishments, educational institutions, small businesses, parks, and homes. This community is a nonprofit organization created to support and enhance community and economic development throughout the area and has made sense of community to make sure its residents feel safe in the area and in their homes. 

Local Favorites:

  • Grey Ghost Detriot: This is a New American restaurant with a modern, hip style that is a perfect stop for steaks and more alongside a beer, wine, and craft menu from the bar, all in a rustic-like setting.
  • William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor: This is a public recreation area located on the Detriot River on 31 acres that include wetlands, paved trails, and a 52-slip harbor of refuge
  • Chartreuse Kitchen and Cocktails: This is a cozy, seasonal American dining spot with botanical decor and a craft cocktail list, plus beer and wine. 

University District

University District is a neighborhood located one mile west of Woodward Avenue and was founded in 1929. Walking through this neighborhood, you will see homes from various styles, like elaborate stone patterns and beautiful exteriors. This neighborhood also has easy accessibility to libraries, golf courses, recreational courts, and many other activities. 

There are about 1247 homes in this neighborhood, and it offers the residents a sparse urban feel while also being located around a lot of parks. The median home value for homes in University District is $270,664, and the median rent price is $895, which is lower than the national average. This may be a smaller neighborhood, but it still has the comfort of a community. 

Local Favorites:

  • Selden Standard: This is a stylish spot for seasonal, locally sourced New American small plates and craft cocktails. 
  • The Statler French American Bistro: This is an elegant history with a terrace offering traditional French fare with an American twist.
  • Roosevelt Park: This is home to the now-abandoned landmark train station. This park features seasonal events and green space to relax.

Indian Village

Looking for a unique neighborhood? Well, Indian Village has a unique combination of social and architectural history and is one of the most significant neighborhoods in Detroit. Located on the east side of the city, this neighborhood offers homes that were built in the early 20th century, and most have been restored since then. 

Most homes here are very large, some larger than the average suburban home. On the other side, this community is very active and has many clubs and associations that you can join to be in the heart of it all. Only located 3 miles from downtown, Indian Village is easily accessible and near many things to do. So if you want larger homes but also still be located near the busy city, then this neighborhood is perfect for you. 

Local Favorites:

  • SavannahBlue: This is a soul food restaurant that is also a stylish eatery featuring contemporary soul food, sophisticated cocktails, and a select wine list to choose from. 
  • Grand Circus Park: This is a historic district that contains about 5 acres that connects the theatre district with its financial district—a beautiful place to check out.
  • Vicente's Cuban Cuisine: This Cuban restaurant has tables that surround a dance floor at this family-run spot known for salsa dancing, and Havana-style eats.

Historic Park Detroit MI

Palmer Woods

Palmer Woods is a historic district bounded by Seven Mile Road and has about 295 homes for sale in the 188-acre district. There is a total population of 704 residents in this area, and it offers a sparse urban-type feel here. The median home value here is $436,600, which is higher than the national average, but the median rent is about $999.

This neighborhood is home to many of the wealthiest professionals in the city of Detroit and has become one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Detroit. As of 2020, the neighborhood's median household income was $155,917. On the other hand, this neighborhood does also offer its residents a safe place to live due to its own security service and an active neighborhood association. 

Palmer Woods is known for its elm-lined streets with large brick and stone homes with large yards and many other features which make these homes beautiful. Each home here has its own unique architectural features. If you are looking for unique homes in a secure neighborhood, then this community is perfect for you. 

Local Favorites:

  • Lumen Detroit: This is an upscale, modern American cuisine and drinks in a stylish locale with outdoor tables and heated igloos. A unique experience, unlike the others!
  • Cadillac Square Park: This is a lively square featuring a memorial fountain, a seasonal sports zone, food trucks, and a weekly market. Check out this spot and all that it offers!
  • The Elephant Room: This bar and grill is a buzzy, brick-lined standby with a tin ceiling that features an elevated pub menu and a beer on tap. 

Brush Park

Brush Park is a 22-block area and is known for its high Victorian-style residences constructed for Detroit's wealthiest citizens. This neighborhood was established in 1860 and is one of the oldest historic neighborhoods in Detroit. As of now, this community contains 24 blocks and offers corner storms and many multi-family homes. 

Known as one of Detriot's most desirable neighborhoods to live in, many people love the location and history behind it. On the other hand, there are many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and more around this little area. Overall, the median home value in this neighborhood is $337,000, and the median rent is $1,649, which both are higher than the national average. On the plus side, you will be in the middle of it all here!

Homes in Detroit MI

Local Favorites:

  • Mt. Elliott Park: This is a landscaped riverfront park with an interactive water play featured shaped like a Great Lakes schooner. 
  • SheWolf Pastifico and Bar: This is a trendy restaurant featuring contemporary Italian plates and cocktails in a sophisticated dining room.
  • Cork and Gabel: This restaurant has a menu inspired by Irish, Italian, and German fare in a light-filled industrial space with a full bar as well.

Castle Rouge

Castle Rouge is a neighborhood in Detroit with a population of 1,721 residents. This neighborhood offers residents an urn suburban mix feel and is known for its historical bedroom and community feel. The mix of beautiful architecture in these homes dates back to 1927.

There are about 768 homes in this neighborhood, and houses here have a median home value of $92,574 and a median rent of $1,227, which are both lower than the national average.

Local Favorites:

  • London Chop House: This is a classically elegant steakhouse established in 1938 with an English feel and accompanying cigar lounge.
  • Green Dot Stables: This is a slider joint with a chill vibe that serves bite-sized eats with global flavors and bottled beers. If you are looking for a chill spot to eat, visit here!
  • New Center Park: This is a park that was added to serve as a gathering place and hosts a summer-long series of weekly events like outdoor movies, concerts, happy hour, and many other things. 

Steakhouse in Downtown Detroit MI

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is a suburban neighborhood that has a median sales price of $87,500 and has a total population of 2,380 residents. There are various homes here while also many parks around the area. 

This community is famous for its several historic buildings, including the Old Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, and also the Queen's House. If you are looking for a place to live where there is a story to tell, this is the perfect location. 

Local Favorites:

  • Andiamo Detroit Riverfront: This is an upscale Northern Italian bistro that boasts an elegant ambiance, river views, and a diverse wine list.
  • Cornerstone Barrel House: This is a comfy outfit offering New American bites and an array of whiskey in warm surroundings with a rustic feel.
  • Lincoln Street Art Park: This is an abandoned industrial site that was turned into a sculpture park, with graffiti and art made from recycled materials. Something different that you should check out!

Moving to Detroit - The Bottom Line

Overall, Detroit is a very unique metro city that has a lot to offer its residents. It may have its downsides, but this city has a rich history, vibrant culture, affordable cost of living, and a growing economy. Over the years, the reputation of Detroit is getting better, and they have seen processes over the years in attracting new people to the area. Moving to Michigan, in general, can have its ups and downs, so you have the weigh out what your goals and preferences are. You can also check out moving to Grand Rapids if you are looking for another metro area to live in this state!

Park view of downtown Detroit MI

Every neighborhood here has its own great qualities. Whether you are searching for a place that is close to the city or further away, Detriot has it. This is a great place to move to if you are looking for homes near job opportunities, homes near schools, or even homes in a gated community

The location of its city makes it easily accessible that provides various opportunities for its residents. The unique city and the diverse population make this city different than many others, and if you are looking for a place to live where a unique community will surround you, then this place is for you. 

If you are interested in moving to Detroit, then please get in touch with us here so we can connect you with one of our Realty Specialists to help make your transition for you go smoothly. We are here to help you find the perfect home for you. Also, check out our other local area guide, moving to Grand Rapids and moving to Warren if you are interested in the state of Michigan.

Contact us here today for any questions or help.

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